Happy Diwali!

Sam  Thanks for the post .

Seelan- thanks for the Divali Festival notes  on the blog .

Sam– if you want, pick any of these pics for the Blog page .
Seelan– here is Divali – at Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel this morning .
The flower motif was done out of crushed stone, dyed in different colors .
I watch the ladies create this earlier in the day .
Eleven years ago, I watched this same thing done out of rice grains. Now,
rice is a precious commodity , hence crushed stone — mainly crystal ( kiri
garunda ) .

Later on, there was the Lighting of The Lamp Ceremony with traditional
music etc  – and the hotel guests were invited down to participate , with
servings of traditional sweets .

Happy Divali to ALL of Class of 64- from  Deepthie in  Colombo .

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