People in the News

RUBD Nihal:Deepthie

Nihal Gooneratne is currently in London on  a short vacation until the 4th of April

Anyone interested in contacting him please leave a message below


2 thoughts on “People in the News

  1. Nihal,
    I just got this message from Praxy, who is traveling in Malaysia

    Dear Nihal
    Heard from Ariya that you would be in London next month.. We live inSheffield and you are most welcome to come and spend a few days with us too if you have the time and don’t mind the distance . Ranjit and I would love to have you at our place . At the moment we are holidaying in Malaysia but would be back in U.K. on the 29th. Cheers. Praxy


    • Thanks Praxy and Ranjit.
      I appreciate your kind offer very much,and would have liked to avail myself of it under different circumstances.Unfortunately,I will only be in London briefly,visiting a sick relative from March 31-April 4.I will let you know if my situation changes.
      Best Wishes

      Nihal Goonetilleke


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