To both of you !- Sam and Seelan , and to the whole class of 64-, as a
reminder of how far we have all come since that first day, when we all
walked in through those doors at Norris Canal Rd, back in sept 1964 !

Eagledeepthie .

2 thoughts on ““Memories”

  1. Thanks Deepthie for the image. If anyone has similar photos please send them to me for publication under “Memories’ feature. Thanks ,
    Web Master


  2. Ariya- Send in some fond memories put into verse .

    I keep my memories, close to my heart and in my head !!!!!

    I sent in the above photo- with the two Rani’s , Dhrama and my self- on that very first day we took a ‘walk about ‘ in the old watering hole .
    I dont know, who took this photo- all I remember, is, giving my camera to some one to take a photo for a good memory .
    I think, it may have been Rahula- as I do vaguely remember him getting out of the car, as I was standing on the steps .
    Anyway- Great Memory for me .
    Hope we will have more pics coming in .

    deepthie .


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