Update from Deepthie

HI Folks in SL , and the rest of us scattered around the globe . 

I am still dreaming and Re- Visiting  of the Class of 64 Gathering  we had
at Beruwala just a few weeks ago .
Hope these photo will trigger a good memory for all of you !

And it is time to think of the NEXT one , NEXT year- Same Time,  Same Place

Beruwala- is now like ‘home to me ‘ – -Home of The Class of 64 so to speak

It seems like yesterday to me , that we all met and had such a good time .
Though the crowd was small , like what Praxy mentioned in her wonderful
tribute to the class  gathering , it was a lot of fun , just being  together
and shooting the breeze so to speak , with no formalities what so ever .

Anoja – hats off to you, for orgainising the boat trip and the photographer
at such short notice .
This photo  -something that all of us will treasure . 
For some reason, we did not have such a photo last year ( 2018 ) .

So,  I am asking you all – specially the folks in SL- Ranjith , Narme,
Anoja, Laki,  Indrajith , Ajith — to put your heads together and get
something going for next year .

As for my part — I will be in SL – ever year, same time, for the next 5
yrs or so- or till I kick the bucket !
I have  already planned my    —  ”Trip to SL for 2020 ” – -Time is
Running Out and so I am Running With The Time !

Good Wishes to ALL –
Deepthie .

Winter Fun !

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Winter can be fun, if one can get out and enjoy it  , in the best way you
can –

Walk in the Woods, Work out in a Gym/ home ,  to some Baila tune , Sit by
the cozy fire place , curl up and read a book  or follow The Web Class of
64, !, or eat comfort food to fill your belly and soul !

Better still- Run Away from it ALL to a Warmer  place , like will be doing
in a month,  to Arizona !!

Februray is THE worst month – temps at minus 20 deg C for the entire month
and it is killing cold  to be alone here, out in the boonies ,  at this
stage in my life .
In my younger days- it was fun to walk on the frozen lake- not any more !!

I had my Winter Fun- yesterday – dec 13th, out in the woods near by .
Came across just what I was hoping for – Wolf / Coyote track , as this
always gives me a ‘good feeling ‘ that I am not alone in the woods and I am
being watched and guided by those who were here, before I came along to live
in Turtle Island  as it how North America is known to the Native People who
lived here for ten thousand years .

I have seen the Wolves / Coyote a few times along this trail,  and on the
road side,  in the summer , and  in the winter , crossing the frozen lake
behind my home , from Giants Tomb Island  -gorgeous creatures  they are,
specially to see them on the white frozen lake  on a winter moon lit night

One time, in the summer ,  it was right in front of me- where I saw the
scat( poop )  yesterday , we made eye contact  , for a split second ,  I
said ‘ Mayeengun ‘  the first word that came to my head , the Ojibway word
for Wolf.
Strange that I could not get the words Wolf , Vuurkaya  ( Sinhala ) out
that that time .
I had completely forgotten the Sinhala word, until I wrote about it to
Narme last year January and he wrote back the Sinhala word for Wolf !

Follow the photos .
— the foot prints are very, very  fresh- likely a few hours before I saw
them,  about 3 inches  deep in the snow ,  indicating it is a mature fully
grown animal, at least 50 lbs wt .
— tracks are in a straight line – —  knows exactly where it is going  and
this is typical of Wolf / Coyote, where as house dog tracks are hapahazard
and always there is a human foot print near by .
— my foot print to indicate size- a mature animal track .
— Stone Cairn  – I made this,  at this location, to indicate to me  the
direction I should take to go home — I learnt this the hard way one time a
few years back – and thank god it was summer ! The tracks lead up to the
stone cairn, and the community beyond the woods .

It is easy to lose your way in the forest – specially in the winter, when
the usual land marks are all coverd in snow .
There are few human prints along this trail- so this helps .

— many tracks coming together –  there were many tracks criss crossing the
woods ,  about a kilometer after I passed the stone cairn, and  the Scat (
poop ) at this location  to mark the Family Territory , indicating a family
group that went hunting , perhaps the Alpha Male marked the territory .

From here, the tracks part company again , and a few tracks followed my way
to the street ,  and went into the deep woods that follow the street for the
next 3 kilometers and into Awenda Provincial Park- a 6000 acre Natural park
/ Camping grounds, beaches etc .

— an earlier photo with the sunshine and blue sky- taken Jan 2nd – 2017-
when the snow was VERY deep, along the same woodland trail.And, belive me,
this particular day, it was hard slugging on the snow that was 8- 10 inches
deep !- I should have known better, not to venture into the woods, when the
snow was that deep !
Live and Learn !

For those who want to know this location – look up google maps- Awenda
Provincial Park/ Champlain R d, and I live on a side street off Champlain
Rd, just 2 km from the park entrance Awenda Park Road .

Eagle Deepthie


Passekuda Trip

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Passekuda Trip .

Many thanks to  Praxy and  Rani for organising this  real fun bus trip to
Passekuda .

We had a great drive   in the rain , on Sunday morning . This did not
prevent us from having a good time in the bus .
Faisal Zavahir very kindly gave us three Cd’s + a set of song sheets  to go
with it  specially done for the bus trip ,of the songs he  sang at the
Friday night BBQ dinner .
 Praxy kept time with the little symbols – we all had a great sing along .

 Then, there was a loud card game at the front of the bus ,while those
sleepyheads at the back took a nap, despite the noise in the front !
We stopped for a bit of lunch on the way and  I had my very first Lion
Larger- as Damayanthie told me, ‘ drink it Deepthie – I tell you, it is good
! ” so I trusted her and had my first sip ,and the rest is history . !

Then we reached Passekuda a bit late into the evening-  due to the rain
all along the drive up there .
Saturday morning –  Voila !!- The  sun came out   and so did we , and the
sun was with us, till we left on Tuesday morning .
What did we do ?
Just R and R !!–  Went for beach walks, , boat rides, talked with local
fisher men,  and generally had Fun in The Island In The Sun !

I will send a video clip of the Sing Along in the Bus — – if I can get it
across to Sam .
In the meantime, just enjoy the photos .
Oh by the way-    the guys convinced me to drink Pol Arrakku-  ” It is good
for you Deepthie – take a sip ” so said Gaspar and Shauket .   The  sweet
mild taste  was  confirmed by Damayanthie – my trusty room mate for 4
nights- at Eden and  Amaya .
Again- the Rest is History !!


Eagle in The Island in the Sun .

Bound Together – Class of 64- Deepthie

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 MBH Faizer !- how can anyone in The Class o f 64,  ever forget that ‘baby
face’ !! !

Anyway- here he is 50 yrs later- as there is NO  Recent Photo of him in the
RU 2014-Class of 64  Souvernier book .
He ” fell off the planet ”  so to speak, and I tracked him down in
Cornwall, Ontario a few wks ago , and he and his lovely  wife Rizvi,
decided to do the 7 hour drive ( one way ! ) to see me and we spent a
delightful happy three days !

Here you see us – in many surroundings –  in my home property , and in the
town of Penetanguishene with a bit of history on the town ,  and  at a fun
festival known as  ” Steam Punk ”  in the neighbouring town of Coldwater
The Drum Circle I belong to , was invited to Drum and Sing at the event and
Faizer took pics for me .

The one of us near the flowing  water creek, where I am playing the flute,
I set the camera on a timer, placed it on the bridge and took the photo.
This is one of my very favourite places just a 2 min walk from home, along
a nice wooded walking trail ,  to sit and day dream, and play flute .

We are sitting on a metal canoe- built in the design of the old traditional
Birch Bark Canoes used by the Indegenous People here and in all of North
American Great Lakes  Locations .
History tells us , that this is the EXACT spot that  Frenchman Samuel de
Champlain landed on the shores of Penetanguishene, home of the Huron –
Wendat people ,  400 years ago , and changed the face of the  Nation for
ever .
I live off on a side street, off Champlain Road , along the shores of
Georgian Bay- Lake Huron .

I hope all of you enjoy this story of  ” Bound Together- The Class of 64
Spider Web” !!

Eagledeepthie .

Everyone Loves A Parade ! – Deepthie

Canada Day


Every one Loves A Parade !
Canada Day Parade July 1st  — in my small town of Midland was today- –
real small town gig it was with temps at 90  ++ deg in the shade and I was
just about cooked !

I was with the Midland  Hiking Club   and hot as hell it was, there was
quite the turn out with  most of us being – 65 and over !!
Anyway we all  had a great time .

But, to walk back the 2 miles in the dreadful heat- Oh well- another story

Talk about Altruisim — I was dead beat and decompensating fast due to
heat exhaustion  , but was not going to give up.

My companion- Janet- was with me- and we were walking back to her place
where I had parked the car.
I was praying for Help as I was again between a Rock and a Hard Place !!

Believe it or not– a young man in a bright red shirt was walking his dog
on the residential street that Jan and I were walking .
‘ Hi Mary- were you in the parade  ? ”
” Yes- do you have a car, if so , can you drive us home to Jan’;s place
where I parked my car ? ”
He brought us home, to Jan’s place  and soon recovered with my feet in a
tub of cold  water , water on my head  and lots of water + cool drinks to
hydrate– thanks to Jan’s  most efficient and generous hospitality  !

 Who is  Jan- she is the one wearing the Hawaiian multicolored flowered
garland from the Dollar Store !!

Who was this Guardian Angel– a guy who used to work at Ford Motor
Dealership some years back  and he  says ” how can any one forget you Mary-
I used to work at the Ford Motor Dealership some years ago  ‘ !!

Made me feel like a million $$$ .



Follow Up — The whole Canada Day event ended when Jan and her husband
came to my place and we had a nice cool dip on the cold waters of Lake
Huron- Georgian Bay .
Where we are standing – used to my beach party area,    as recent as 10 yrs
ago , , but now it is mid thigh in water- thanks to climate change and
melting glaciers .


Mini RU- Deepthie


It was a real Fun Day- for the three of us .
I drove to Rajes’ place  , a 2 hr drive from where I live, and then went to
see Lakshi at her brother’s place – not too far away .
We were treated to  real first class home cooked pure vegetarian Brahmin
Meal , cooked with sooo much  tender loving care !

We spent about 4 hrs with her and returned  and then did some ‘indian
shopping ‘ and got some ‘ Leela Products and ‘ Niru Products  ”  !. – to
support the Class of 64 ,far away from SL .
Enjoy the picture story !
It was a real Fun Day- for the three of us .
I drove to Rajes’ place  , a 2 hr drive from where I live, and then went to
see Lakshi at her brother’s place – not too far away .
We were treated to  real first class home cooked pure vegetarian Brahmin
Meal , cooked with sooo much  tender loving care !

We spent about 4 hrs with her and returned  and then did some ‘indian
shopping ‘ and got some ‘ Leela Products and ‘ Niru Products  ”  !. – to
support the Class of 64 ,far away from SL .
Enjoy the picture story !

Giants Tomb Island

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  Legend of the Giants Tomb and Kitchekewana  

This legend- that you read from the link – is a very intergral part of  the
Georgian Bay Area, where I live .
It is both  a Sacred and Social location .
I  look out right into Giants Tomb Island — you can see the photo of the
artist  Clayton Samuel King- a local Ojibway Resident who has done this
painting of Ketchikewana lying on the ground  , against the most  famous and
gorgeous  of the Georgian Bay Sunset , that this area is known for .
Clayton is a well known artist and a Pow Wow Dancer in my community , and I
took this photo at the local Pow wow .

The Island – is his body- that the birds and animals covered with rocks and
tree branches and soil .
You can clearly see the Head, Neck, Chest Abdomen  and Legs on the outline
of the island .
I have seen this island in all its sunsets , sunrises,  seasons, storms,
tornados,   colors and glory that are  mostly breathtakingly beautiful and
sometimes fearful, when a storm, blizzard is roaring towards me .– like the
one I experienced on the 4th of April this year .
The most thrilling — is to see lightening in the night  over the island –
when I turn off all the lights, sit in my cozy dark home, and watch the
Light Show !
You can see the Island in the Sun-  sunrise and sunset, rainbow over it,
glorious fall colors , the most ethereal being the sight of Giants Tomb on
the Partial Solar Eclipse Day- last year – aug 21 .
It was sooooo eeeerie ….  and the water was sooo quiet and calm … it
was truly a moment with The Great Spirit ….

During the summer it attracts many boaters  for day trips, weekends etc .
80% of the island is owned by  Awenda park — Ontario Provincial Park —
that is near my home , where I sometimes volunteer for many projects- bird
calls , butterflies count day , and share my photos with the park Naturalist
who uses them for teaching purposes .
Last year, I had a park  summer student who billeted with me for months of
July and Aug .
The other 20%  of the island is privately owned .

There is a lovely monument made to Honor Kitchekewana in my small town of
Penetanguishene , on a waterfront park ., as you can see in two photos .
It is a place of Honor  in my community .

Though I have lived in front of Kitchikawana and looked at his  Sacred
Being for the past 30 yrs, it was only two yrs ago that I had actual chance
to visit the island, and I was sooo happy that finally I made it there after
looking at for 28 yrs  !

So, I did a simple “Home Coming Ceremony ”  on the shores- you can see my
Drum – the design painted is Sunset on Giants Tomb- a photo I took some 13
yrs ago , and my  native friend made the drum and painted it  for me .
In the photo is  my drum, drum bag with a  Pacific Coast Salish motif with
buttons – a traditional  Pacific Coast  form of Art  ( Raven Steals The
Light ) , small birch bark/ Sweetgrass  / porcupine quill and bead Medicine
box containing  Sacred Tobacco,  Cedar, Sweetgrass , Sage, that is used in
All First Nations Ceremonies .
The Pauva Shell- is used to burn the Medicines- its Smoke goes Up. Up. Up.
to The Great Spirit .
The Sweetgrass Ring- I made it using the Sweetgrass I grow at home  with
Medicine Bundles tied to it , and it was later hung on an Oak tree in the
island .

Ketchikawana— is my constant companion in this life, and perhaps in the
next …

Blessings to All– and I hope you enjoyed reading about my Friend-
Kitchikewana .

Deepthie 1

Home Sweet Home !

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Well folks- I arrived in my old home town, Ontario Canada,  after 8 wks of
blissful solitude among the Energy Driving Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona and
my little stint in Sarasota and Marco Island with Sam and Wimal and family .

Sarasota  Beach Baila- A Distant Dream to a Distant Drum …

It was on the 2nd April,  Easter Monday that I arrived home and  and hell
broke loose on the 4th — almost like an April Fools Day Come Late Joke !

Phone dead , hot water tank sprung a leak – the first in 20 yrs,  brand new
gas furnace died , and in the horizon was the HUGE Blizzard  roaring and
rolling towards me from the north  and Giants Tomb- was a white , white !

I was on the phone to the Furnace guy- and Bang- the Power went off  ! and
he says ” don’t worry Mary- hang in there- I will be over in 20 mins  “—
and the temperature plummeted down, down , down !
So- there I am – no heat, no phone , wind howling  around me,  as if all
the wolves in Siberia were after me ! and all the while the visibility was
Zero – -I could barely see my car on the driveway, never mind Giants Tomb
Island that you see in this photo and on my post Northern Lights over Giants
Tomb- last year . .

Voila- the Auto Generator kicked in- and a few lights came on + fridge and
microwave .
Cell phone- thank god- I knew how to use it as I am a total techy idiot !

Well- the Furnace Guy  calls in 30 mins ” Mary– the only two access roads
to your home are blocked by fallen trees and one brought down the Power
Lines and the Fire Trucks are out there- diverting traffic . I will turn
back, go home, bring my chain saw and clear the trees to get to you . If
worse come to worse, I will bring you home to my place for the night ‘ !
Sure enough – he  got to my place, found the problem with the furnace,
brought over some space heaters – that worked with the few electrical
outlets powered by the Auto Generator  and said as soon as the part for the
furnace arrives in 48 hrs-  he wil be back .
Service with a Smile- Above and Beyond The Call of Duty I must say !

So, I  settled in for a long 48 hrs- slept that night in my street clothes
++ blankets,  with one heater going in the bed room, and cell phone by my
side .

O by the way- Cold Water- is a great refreshing thing in the middle of a
blizzard storm !!
Next day– Stay Strong – at least the ‘idiot box ‘ aka TV worked !
Listened to  CD Flute music ,  talked a bit to family ( saving cell phone
charges  ! ) .
It was Saturday-  7th – when Bell Canada Telephone and Furnance was up and
running .

Now-  What is  Your  Problem  Lady ?/

The Problem- is THE WHITE STUFF  you see on the front of the house and on
the back of the house — the darn thing- is  there — almost blinding me —
I wear sun glasses inside the house  when looking out into the lake – so I
wont get Snow Blindness !!

Ok- get out and go for a walk– did so y’day — snow drifts – Knee high !

BUT== There is Light at The End of The Tunnel —

Saw my little Robin Red Breast — the True Harbinger of Spring — that
never fails to cheer up the most dismal of all souls !!
I am OK now !!
Deepthie 1


Eagledeepthie –  Waiting For Spring !!




Update from Deepthie

I had a GREAT experience y’day .

I was told there is a Bob Cat in this area- in the bush , so I started to virtually ‘stalk it ‘ – -knowing how animals will stay hidden and watch .

I noted its paw marks in the mud, after a rain, and followed it  around the bush .

 All the while, I had ‘this feeling of being watched ‘ !

I did this a few times, during the past one month I have been staying here at this place called Sky Ranch Lodge- Sedona ( for those who like google – go for it ! )

 Y’day was a  bad ‘snow day ‘ here, and I did not want to venture down the hill , so stayed around the property .

The Sedona Airport is the next lot- so I walked around it, and did some bird watching- lovely Western Blue Birds  all over the place .

I was actually looking for Meadow Larks- but, found t he Blue Birds instead , and few other species .

  Anyway- I walked into the bush – no luck with my Bob Cat .

I returned to the Sky Ranch private guest Viewing Area- a lovely area where weddings etc are held, with the gorgeous view of the Red  Rocks  of Sedona  .

I was looking for the bird – Spotted Towhee – when something moving in the bush caught my eye –

 You guessed  it – My Friend Mr Bobby Cat !!

It  made ‘eye contact  ‘with me – all the while walking on the ground below,  against the fence .

 I whipped out the camera and took a few shots .




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It was just PURE magic for me to see this little cat- making such a powerful eye contact with me , as if to say “ I know you , I have seen you, how are you  ‘ !!

Then it retreated into the bush , and I followed it  into the bush .

I knew it was watching me –  as I walked through the bush, came out at the Sedona Airport Bush area , and back to Sky Ranch Viewing Area .

I showed the pics to a few guests who had gathered to see the famous Sedona  Red Rock Sunset .

Today, I talked to one of the garden crew- who told me, “ tell your friend Mr Bobby Cat- not to eat the Koy in the pond at Sky Ranch ‘ !!

I will send the pics in the next mail- as I am having some difficult issues with my lap top  with pic+ text in the same e-mail .

My son will sort it out .

So, for now- it will an e-mail with text with another mail with only pics .

 Fortunately, I was alone in the Viewing Area- where normally there are at least half a dozen people .

Because y’day was a very cold day, people stayed indoors .


It is a fabulous sunset now- so I gotta get out !

Enjoy the Bobby Cat Tale from Sky Ranch Lodge- Sedona .

Deepthie 1