Raina MacIntyre is well respected & well known especially now. Please read the attached Link.
( Her Uncle Gandhi MacIntyre was in our School- Jaffna Central College. He is also in Australia – takes part in Dramas & acting.)

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CXR In Covid 19


                                                             Dear Sam, Attaching 3 CXR of a 40+ yrs old male to show how nasty the disease can be:-

 1) 2 months before C Virus
2)  Had 2 days of fever. CXR taken 1 day after a diagnosis of COVID 19.

3) 3 days after diagnosis.
See the rapid change!!!

Medical Imaging Quiz


People including doctors always wonder which Medical Imaging is best to confirm or exclude the Medical condition in their mind. I am presenting an imaging technique known to all of you. ( an easy & straight forward short case – mainly for your info/discussion) This patient was referred to me 2 weeks ago. Male, 40+ years old.
1) What is this examination called?
2)Is it normal or can you see any abnormalities?
3) Would you like to do any other tests/examinations?
4) Name the symptoms the patient would have presented with? >


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