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Dear All. 
Three of us  visited Chandra on he 27 th October. We experienced a  moment of great happiness ,when  our dear colleague Chandra “ MOUTHED” our Names as we entered the room. With the help of  Dear Rohini,’s ability  toLIP READ we were able to engage in an interactive , non verbal communication withChandra.
, for about half an our, recalling past events,  our time in Hong Kong etc
 Words Can’t express our appreciation and gratitude to dear Rohini for the untiring , Physical. Emotional, Spiritual, palliative support  provided to Chandra on a daily basis for the past eight years.
Thereafter spent a few hours of quality time with Rohini exchanging views  over a cup of tea and goodies.
It was an unforgettable day of “GIFT OF PRESENCE” with CHANDRA.
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Elderly Male Bull elephants “don’t bred, they just fight”killing each other.  During
“ Musth “ the bull elephants are aggressive. Fights take place when the  challenger challenges the male guarding he female, resulting in killing each other.Is this an example of this behaviour?
Amazing gratitude shown by the herd to the dead leader

This is the heartbreaking moment a herd of elephants gathered to pay their last respects to their dead leader.
Footage shows the animals surrounding the carcass on the banks of a lake near Anuradhapura, close to the Kalawewa reserve in Sri Lanka.

Some of the elephants use their trunks to caress the fallen giant, which had been killed by a rival.

According to the villagers interpretation t he female elephant caressing the carcass in the clip  is the female culprit of the dilemma…

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Relive the Fury of a Tornado

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Photographer got 1 Mil  for this video.

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Hand Shadow Puppetry

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