Ice Dance

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 This is known as the most amazing performance in the history of ice skating.

This performance brought tears to the 10,000 spectators present.

Babo, a male dancer, has been blind since childhood.  In a house fire…in order to protect him, his mother held him tightly in her arms and jumped from the 7th floor. His mother died as a result, and little Babo became blind due to a hemorrhage in his eyes. His mother was an ice skater before she died. Babo also had a soft spot for ice skating.

Although he couldn’t see anything, he still pursued ice skating dance enthusiastically. He danced the famous Tango…La Cumparsita with his partner at the World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki. His ears can measure the surrounding sound and distance like a bat.

The female dancer is very amazing. She danced with him and led him for a long time. Most of the whole process was led by her, and Babo followed her to perform difficult movements. Who would have thought that he had 22 fractures in his body?

Protection from Corona

Good information. Please listen to the entire video.
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Click below for a very interesting and informative dynamic map and data as to how and where the breakout is happening…..


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