Something different.For the next generation.

Hi Colleagues, On my last visit to Colombo , I saw this taking shape.This clip brings it all to real life.It is expected to be completed in 2041, so it is not for us.!.Is this the Utopia that Sri Lankans are dreaming of.?I only hope that they will not be disappointed. In this rapidly changing world twenty years is far too long to predict what the future holds.Que Sera, sera.! Eddie.

We hear your heartfelt words Mr Luxman Perera.Why can’t we have more of you.?

Hi Colleagues, A friend shared this clip with me and I think that the message is clear and worth hearing again and again.As I have often shared my view , racism begins at home.The only antidote is a proper education.We can boast about literacy but literacy and a good education are poles apart.It is the 21st century, for God’s sake, why can’t we do better?.It is frustrating to say the least.Listen and reflect and share your views.Eddie.

Bye bye miss American pie by Don McLean.

Hi Colleagues, Do you remember this song by Don McLean.? I do remember it well but never figured out the meaning until now.!! So, let me share it with you all.

Don Mclean was only a 13 year old paper boy when Buddy Holly and two other great singers of that time ( 1959) died in a plane crash.The young boy was devastated by the news and many years later he wrote the words of this great song full of meaning.Listen to the music, the words and the video and you will be taken on a ride through time from the great 50s to the America.This song has a lot of meaning and the America that we heard of and longed for in those days. Eddie.

Something different.A celebration for all brownies.!

Hi Colleagues, This clip has been circulating for awhile.It gives me great joy and hope to see a smart young girl, we should all be proud of, because she is brown and she is a girl.We hope that this generation of young people will make the necessary changes to make our world a better place for all.Enjoy.Eddie.

Wuhan,opens up after 3 months;and Dean Koonitz’s book in 1981.

Hi Colleagues, Wuhan is now open for business after 71 days of lockdown,but the rest of the world is still trying to contain the CoVid 19 pandemic.Dean Koonitz, a fiction writer,in his book published in 1981, predicted such a scenario, as you can see in the attachments.It is strange that the year 2020, the transient virus and the location( Wuhan) are all mentioned in his book.Is it a premonition or coincidence?Eddie.

Vankkam, Ayubowan.Music to soothe your soul.

Dear Colleagues,In times of uncertainty, tranquil music makes sense.From the moment I heard this, I wanted to share it with you.Originally composed by Nimal Mendis the music is relaxing.Close your eyes and imagine that you sitting by a river in a tranquil part of our home and you will no doubt feel the expression of the music and it’s title.Enjoy. Eddie.

The snake catcher.A hobby or an occupation.?

I guess we are all in the lock down phase of getting to grips with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.The attached clip is a diversion for all of us.These young chaps are dicing with death, in trying to catch Cobras.Is it a hobby or an occupation ? Hope it will take your mind off our current predicament in contending withis pandemic.

In New Zealand we go into phase 4 of the Pandemic plan tomorrow.No social gatherings,over 70 yr olds confined to their homes,only visits to Super markets, doctors,gas stations and pharmacies are allowed.Phase 4 is initially for 4 weeks .The police will see that the restrictions are adhered to.To date we have identified 102 cases, all in recent arrivals from abroad but there have been 2 cases with no contact history with recently returned.This makes it likely that there is community spread and the government has decided to lockdown sooner rather than later.It appears that the young have no social conscience, without restrictions and a lockdown.Over the week end, Bondi beach in Australia was teeming with people..This behaviour as well as the community spread has resulted in our decision.I think it is a good decision by our PM as otherwise we may end up like in Italy and Spain.!!

I have posted this as a distraction away from the boredom that is to come with self quarantine.Keep well, Enjoy the time at home and keep well. Keep in touch through our blog wheneverbyou have the time.Take care of yourselves.Eddie.

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