Mannar.The doric, flamingos and Pearl fisheries of yester year.

I saw this post on FB and thought that it deserves to be shared.Mannar has history of pearl fishery, contact with India, Baobab trees, ponies and much more.However I am fascinated by the migration of the flamingos to this part of the world from Europe.This short post is well done and merits a share. I hope you will al enjoy it.

Wish you a happy christmas and a bright new year.Eddie.

Dear colleagues,

It is the christmas season again.This year, we are at the tail end of the Covid 19 pandemic and looking forward to a better new year as travel picks up, world wide.Many things have changed over the last three years and the attached cartoon sums up the work situation all over the world.

Christmas is a time for sharing our warmest wishes for good health and happiness with family and friends.

Happy Christmas and a blessed New year 2023.


Judith Durham and Olivia Newton John.

This week two Australian greats passed away. I am sure we all remember them as they were the stars we watched during our youthful years. I have attached a song by Judith Durham and the Seekers, as it has much meaning and I have enjoyed listening to it many times. The words, ” I am, you are, we are” are strikingly close to one’s heart. The song is a uniter and I always thought that our motherland should also have one like it to make all people who live in the country feel a part of the land they live in.It maybe a Utopian dream.! What do you think.? Eddie.

Something different.For the next generation.

Hi Colleagues, On my last visit to Colombo , I saw this taking shape.This clip brings it all to real life.It is expected to be completed in 2041, so it is not for us.!.Is this the Utopia that Sri Lankans are dreaming of.?I only hope that they will not be disappointed. In this rapidly changing world twenty years is far too long to predict what the future holds.Que Sera, sera.! Eddie.

We hear your heartfelt words Mr Luxman Perera.Why can’t we have more of you.?

Hi Colleagues, A friend shared this clip with me and I think that the message is clear and worth hearing again and again.As I have often shared my view , racism begins at home.The only antidote is a proper education.We can boast about literacy but literacy and a good education are poles apart.It is the 21st century, for God’s sake, why can’t we do better?.It is frustrating to say the least.Listen and reflect and share your views.Eddie.

Bye bye miss American pie by Don McLean.

Hi Colleagues, Do you remember this song by Don McLean.? I do remember it well but never figured out the meaning until now.!! So, let me share it with you all.

Don Mclean was only a 13 year old paper boy when Buddy Holly and two other great singers of that time ( 1959) died in a plane crash.The young boy was devastated by the news and many years later he wrote the words of this great song full of meaning.Listen to the music, the words and the video and you will be taken on a ride through time from the great 50s to the America.This song has a lot of meaning and the America that we heard of and longed for in those days. Eddie.

Something different.A celebration for all brownies.!

Hi Colleagues, This clip has been circulating for awhile.It gives me great joy and hope to see a smart young girl, we should all be proud of, because she is brown and she is a girl.We hope that this generation of young people will make the necessary changes to make our world a better place for all.Enjoy.Eddie.

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