Mary and Joseph

On this momentous day, Jesus Christ was born
I appeal to my mates in batch to write  an ode or song
Expressing the joy befell on earth on this special day
Who knows that will spur to batch 64 a poet to be born
Ariya De Silva


A Christmas thought – Hail Mary

Nazareth was an angry city in turmoil, gone very wild
Many fleeing & among them was  Mary, a virgin child
Joseph pulled the cart wearily on a rough uneven road
Donkey wearily carried the precious luggage, our gift from God

Mary did not seek any comforts, all she cared was the safety of her baby
Murmuring to Lord Jesus any mother would to pacify her precious  sonny
No comfortable bed none to attend to needs,  but no pain caused by Lord
Mary  helped to make a king, first time in the world without using a sword

Reunion Couple of batch 64



My dear web master and buddies,
When we are in a proud, joyful mood, having had  Reunions many
It is essential to look back reasons for success & the initiator, brainy
To be called the monarch of reunions there is only one couple to qualify
Kum & Leela gave us the start, wheel is wheeling edges not becoming raggedy

Their mansion became the venue,  Leela’s hands the renown taste synthesiser
Not only for our batch get togethers for this couple, nothing is ever a bother
For starting a tradition, keeping it going and giving the knowledge and the bling
Join me my mates, in naming Leela & Kum , the batch 64, Reunion Queen & King


Treatment of Anxiety


My dear Sam,
Can you find a space in the RU web site
You so meticulously maintain for our mates
To publish this tried and tested  treatment
To rid anxiety, no risk, over dose or I’ll effect

In a world stress related illhealth rocketing
Anxiolytic  drug  health services paralysing
Here is an ancient technique with noside effects
No drug interactions available and free to anyone  


Worthy Cause

IMG_2014 copy


Our visit to see Chandra Rodrigo
It was a seminal occassion when we gatheted round our mate Rodrigo
What struck was how meticulously well,  he is cared by his wife, Rohini
A huge organisational effort and Rodda is breaking MND survival records
Having completed eight years, tracheostomy ventilated and fed via tubes

His brain power is amazing, just like the student days, very sharp and succinct
Recognised all of us & via is regular attendants all daily events are well recorded
Knows everything happening in the world and does not miss his favourite cricket
Rohini, Rodda’s wife doing a Hurculian job & was grateful for our visit and the gift


A  special word of thanks must be inserted here for our mate Annesley
For inserting a chunk of our medical student days in his fab autobiography
And to donate the entire  collection  of his book sale, ably helped by Praxy
A fine example how everyone enthusiastically contributes to a cause worthy

Ariya De Silva