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I don’t know about everyone else, but I do have my senior moments and thought I should share.  




 By: Arnaldo Liechtenstein, physician.

 Whenever I teach clinical medicine to students in the fourth year of medicine, I ask the following question:

 What are the causes of mental confusion in the elderly?

 Some offer: “Tumors in the head”.  I answer: No!

 Others suggest: “Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s”.  I answer again: No!

 With each rejection of their answers, their responses dry up.

 And they are even more open-mouthed when I list the three most common causes:

 – uncontrolled diabetes;

– urinary infection;

– dehydration

 It may sound like a joke, but it isn’t.  People over 50 constantly stop feeling thirsty and consequently stop drinking fluids.

 When no one is around to remind them to drink fluids, they quickly dehydrate.  Dehydration is severe and affects the entire body.  It may cause abrupt mental confusion, a drop in blood pressure, increased heart palpitations,

angina (chest pain), coma and even death.

 This forgetting to drink fluids begins at age 50, when we have just over 50% of the water we should have in our bodies.  People over 50 have a lower water reserve. This is part of the natural aging process.

 But there are more complications. Although they are dehydrated, they don’t feel like drinking water, because their internal balance mechanisms don’t work very well.


People over 50 years old dehydrate easily, not only because they have a smaller water supply, but also because they do not feel the lack of water in the body.

 Although people over 50 may look healthy, the performance of reactions and chemical functions can damage their entire body.

 So here are two alerts:

  1) * Get into the habit of drinking liquids *.  Liquids include water, juices, teas, coconut water, milk, soups,and water-rich fruits, such as watermelon, melon, peaches and pineapple;  Orange and tangerine also work.

 The important thing is that, every two hours, you must drink some liquid.  Remember this!

 2) Alert for family members: constantly offer fluids to people over 50.  At the same time, observe them.

If you realize that they are rejecting liquids and, from one day to the next, they are irritable, breathless or display a lack of attention, these are almost certainly recurrent symptoms of dehydration.

   Arnaldo Liechtenstein (46), physician, is a general practitioner at Hospital das Clínicas and a collaborating professor in the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP).

Corona Virus

A  nasty creation of nature to teach man, a lesson or two
For indifference towards nature as well to its creatures too
Selfishness and competition destroy earth & living beings
Coronavirus is the latest weapon & nature is fighting back

Exploitation should have a limit, but man does ignore
Every bit of land & even the space deemed to explore
Consumption is the rule even going against nature
Covid 19,  this ‘Earth’s silver bullet’, could man conquer?

Hence future is bleak  for every Tom, Dick and Harry
Age or sex no exception must learn the lesson in a hurry
Otherwise, be the end of the world as predicted by Edgar Cayce
Modern life is a battle, the motto is, ‘wash hands thoroughly’

It’s to date the most powerful weapon of mother nature
with capabilities to overcome man’s crulity and conquer
Trying to teach civility & selflessness, often falls on deaf ear
Selfless  doctors and health care workers, rest should revere

‘Covid 19’ is a treacherous fellow being  an RNA only virus
Almost indestructible as it rapidly produces imputative virions
Unless man gets the better of it with an effective antidote
Earth will be a dead planet as Edgar Cayce’s hypnotic findings


My dear Sam,

Anti diabetic effect of Karawila is well known Yet nice to remind for grown up men & women However ‘cancer cure’ is something new to me Please insert this message if felt it’s worthwhile (please see below)                                                        Ariya

Professor Chen Hui Ren from the Beijing Army General Hospital confirmed that, if everyone who gets this information and then distributes to at least 10 other people, at least one life could be saved.*Bitter Gourd (Karawila)* 

Bitter gourd *(Karawila)* in hot water can help you. No matter how busy you are, you need to read this, and then spread to friends and others.  

 Hot bitter gourd *(Karawila)* can kill cancer cells.

 Cut 2-3 thin slices of bitter gourd and put in a glass, pour hot water, water will become alkaline. Drink every day at least for once. For anyone, it will be useful.

 Hot water bitter gourd *(Karawila)* will emit an anti-cancer substance. This is a new development in the world of natural medicine, which is useful in treating cancer.

 Hot water bitter gourd extract will affect the cyst and tumor. Already proven, it can help to cure various kinds of cancer.

 Using bitter gourd in treating cancer, it will only kill the malignant cells of the tumor. It will not affect healthy cells.

In addition, amino acids and polyphenol oxidase in bitter gourd can balance high blood pressure, blood circulation, reduce blood clotting and can prevent the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis.


Greatest Reunion

Boost fledging memories of participants of the carnival  glorious
Entice & persuade the doubters as well the unsure, reluctant mates
A pictorial poetic summary, highlight of four years ago, inserted here
To entice  every Tom, Dick & Harry, to come & join Anne, Alice & Kate

Ariya Head shot


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