Dharma deals with Corona!

Just for you to smileūüôā.¬†I thought you may enjoy moments(?) of my insanity.¬†I enjoyed making it!!
“If you cannot beat it, join it ” . Enjoy it. This is my way of dealing with “Corona”

“More than one way to skin a cat” ( cat lovers, I didn’t mean it literally)!CHEERS!!!!!!!ūüôā¬†YOU have one for me!For those concerned about my well being, NO, CORONA has not made me¬†an ALCOHOLIC! The bottles are “props”. Left over from socially distanced outdoor gathering for 5 close friends with masks (except for eating and drinking). I allow no more than 2 of thesefor myself, that too once or twice a week.¬†Only a few brain cells remain, and I don’t wish to destroy them. However,Need some alcohol as therapy for my “Broken” heart.Thanks to¬† son Joel aka Joe, for the photography with Iphone

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Mini RU in Colombo, Jan 7th , 2019

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It so happened that Asokan and I  with our wives were on the same flight to Colombo. We wished to meet resident and migrant (avian lingo) batch mates. One call to Aley and we had 6 migrant and 7 residents. Aley called them Foreign Bodies (FB)and Locals. Some of the spouses  were able to join. There were 20 in all. We had a lovely time. We were the loudest and rowdiiest in Palmyra, Renuka Hotel with  Alley, Shoukat and Gaspar as main entertainers. Anoja was at the burnt of most jokes. Being a great sport and best friend to most she took them all in stride. Aley has trained her well !!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures  I took with the phone 
 Wish more  batch mates were there.

Dharma’s Birds of Florida- update

For BIRD LOVERS and BIRD PHOTOGRAPHERS.¬† Use the link below to see “Dharma’s BIRDS of¬† FLORIDA”¬†

Click on each image to see the enlarged version.

These are pictures I took on my¬† trip to Florida in Nov 2017. I spent 1-2 days with each of our batch mates. Wimal and Iranthi in Marco Island, Sam and Kathy, Sarasota, Johnpulle¬† and Angela, Tampa, Devacaanthan and Thanam, Fort Myers. All of them went out of their way to cater to my craziness for bird photography. ( T¬† Not forgetting the gastronomical treat). A BIG thank you to all of them. Fortunate to go on “Photo safari” with Sam to a rookery, in Venice, Florida about 1 1/2 hour from Sam’s place. Sam has already put his rookery¬† pictures on our web. He wanted me to give my pictures also. But as usual, I was not ready until now. Some Pictures are for our web page. Others will be in the link below.¬† Did not want to¬† clutter the web page.

dharma’s BIRDS of FLORIDA.

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Update –from– Dharma

I¬† went to London in November this year on a 4 day trip to surprise my sister at her 70th B’day luncheon.¬† It went well. There, I met Arulrajah and his wife Ruth.¬† ¬†The next day Sathyanayagam¬† travelled 2 hrs in the rain to met me. We had dinner at an SL restaurant.¬† ¬†The next day¬†Biga and Sunila came and we had dinner at the same place. Had hoppers and Masla Thosai.¬† As we sipped our drinks, I told Biga that I thought Kingsley¬† lived in this area, Cockfosters.¬† Immediately Biga called Kingsley and he joined us in 10 minutes!¬† We had a good time.



Rainbow Lorikeet- Dharma






Here are some pictures I got of the Rainbow lorikeet in Sydney, Australia. These were wild.
The 2 together is not courtship, parent feeding a juvenile! 




Message from Dharma


                                                                                                                                                                                            Picture Courtesy of Deepthie Seneviratne

Returned from UK a few days ago and recovering from jet lag.

I thought you might like to know this.

September 22nd, 2016 was a and sunny day, neither hot nor cold, unusual for Durham, UK at this time of the year. ” Fitting day to bid farewell to a remarkable lady”. The solemn pre cremation service was held at the Durham crematorium. Chapel was overflowing and many of us had standing room only outside the main hall and watched on TV. The service went very well as Daya had planned and instructed. The Buddhist priests chanted and spoke first. They went to see her in her death bed to comfort and her and prepare her for the inevitable end, but they come out learning from her example. Dr. S. Wignarajah a very close long time family friend from our junior batch gave the eulogy as requested by Daya. Their son Kalum and daughter Tanuja spoke lovingly of their mother. It was a closed casket. Daya had picked the photograph to be displayed and the music to be played.

How is CJ holding up? Good and bad as any man who lost his wife of over 40 years. He is fortunate to have many SL families who are close to them especially during the last 6 months or so. In fact, a couple has moved into his house taking charge of it. This is a huge relief for CJ. He is planning to go to SL for 10 days with daughter Tanuja. Before that he will spend time with his sister Manjula and Biga-Sunila in London. He will work out the other details after he returns. Time is a great healer. Though being surrounded by family and friends help, he says he has to work it out for himself.

Our batch was represented, Ranjit and Praxy de Saram, David and Rajini Selvarajah, Herath and wife, Swarna Gunaratne (Yahampath) and husband, Shoukat Mamujee, Arumainayagam and myself. (Hope I have not missed anyone.) I was fortunate to talk to Daya 3 days before she passed away.

Keep CJ and family in your prayers and thoughts