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This is a shameless self promotion for the “TP Hunt Memorial art Gallery” at Chavakachcheri.  SRi LANKA.

The video was made by a former student of Janaki Anandakiruban who is an art teacher and a member  of the Art gallery organization. 
He heard about the art gallery and visited it  to check it out. What he saw prompted him to make the video. He wanted others to also enjoy what he saw.  He was not paid, It was a good promo for the gallery. I am taking advantage of it to inform you. 
The audio is in Thamil. Unfortunately there are no subtitles. But then “a Picture is worth a thousand words”. Video is perhaps worth a million words!!! 
If you are in the Jaffna area try to visit the gallery. You will not be disappointed as many have  said. Also no entry fee! If you plan to visit the Art Gallery, please let me know. I can make sure there is someone is there to give you a guided tour or Call
Kiruban, Manager: 077 583 4845
Rajkumar: 077 335 0281
Both are not very conversant  in English. Can manage. Make sure you mention Dharma / yogamany Alagaratnam

The art  gallery  was started by Evangerline Yogamay on her ancestor  “Dowry” land, in memory of her father, Thomas Poage Hunt. 
The gallery opened  June 24th, 2018.
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