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For keeping the batch cohesiveness going

Dear Sam

 Setting up of the special web site,  for  our  batch  mates, is   unique
     It could be done and sustain daily is  truly  incredible &  also  unique
     For having qualities needed for such a daunting task’ you’re,  unique
     To honour and thank you, for your tenacity I propose a tribute unique

    As we are fortunate to have mates spread over the five  continents
    And most of us do have at least a small patch, dedicated for  plants
   So photos of effort s of their  green fingers, if sent to  you with photos
   Of vegetable v & flowering  photos  with  succinct  descriptive   notes!

    To get the ball rolling and add a bit of spite to  this idea I do Propose,
     Have  included a caption from  back  garden from our London home
     If felt it as yet another Ariya’s mad ideas, please  ignore  it wholesale
     But i will not dim  my  thirst to  keep   afloat  our great  batch website

Ariya Head shot


Sad News

S. Sivakumaran MD , FRCP

Dear Aley and friends,

This is the saddest news I’ve heard in a long while. 
Siva was a very dear and  close friend from whom I had learnt a lot about life. How to live life compassionately and with dedication  to the high ideals of our profession. To me, he was a giant among humans. Most of his patients that I referred to him  described him as a God.
I met him and spent over a couple of hours at the Neville Fernando Hospital in April. We talked a lot about life, about death, our country and our profession. He was the same old Siva. Treated me with vegetarian patties and chai tea while dropping pearls of wisdom..
It will be very hard to plan a visit to Sri Lanka where I will not be able to hear his voice at the other end of the telephone saying ” so when did you come? What can I do for you?”
Dear Siva, I don’t know where you are now, but I am sure it will be from where you can continue to spread your compassion and wisdom.
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