Memories of “1989 Batch Reunion”

Video #2

Dear Colleagues,
I just received 8 video clips originally recorded during the 1989 Batch Reunion , when Batchmates with their spouses and children from world over gathered in Warrington UK, to celebrate 20th year anniversary of graduation from Medical School. Due to the size of the files, I will post them in instalments.
In addition to the creator Thusan Kumaraswamy, we are thankful to Asokan for his efforts to locate and digitise these analog files after 32 years. When you view these images, most faces are quite recognisable, but sadly some are no longer with us.

Editorial note: I am having difficulties accommodating these huge files due to WordPress storage limitations. So I will be deleting older uploads to make room for the new ones. If any of you would like copies for your personal use please email me privately.

Message from CJ

Dear Sam, I wonder if you could please post this on our Blog.
I have been in regular touch with James’ wife Christina since our RU64.His death anniversary falls on March 23rd. I just received a message from Christina stating that she would be very grateful for any tributes from his friends and colleagues that could be mentioned on the occasion and for his children to know more about their dad directly from friends. Anyone who is happy to contribute can either post it on the Blog or better, email me at  and I will forward them to Christina.

Thank you.CJ

Sad News

I am sad to inform you that our dear batch mate and Bloemite  Kulothungam Ilango, departed this world a few days ago. 
He trained as an oncologist, worked for some insurance company and then as a GP.  I am told he had a stroke.


Update by Dharma 1/4/20

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Sad news update







Dear all
It is with great sadness that I write this to inform the passing away of our dear friend Geetha’s husband. Unfortunately, this only transpired during a random conversation of Wimal with her. He had passed away in February but we did not know about it till yesterday.
Dear Geetha
Ranjit and I offer our sincere condolences to you on this sad occasion. At least his sufferings are over and he is in a better place.
Praxy and Ranjit

Prof. Koda

49077004_10156097531342934_5704834862607761408_n copy


Deshabandu Professor Nandadasa Kodagoda
Born 31 October 1929
Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Education Mahinda College,Galle
Occupation Vice Chancellor
Known for Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo
Spouse(s) Ratnavali Kodagoda
(née de Costa)
Children Gethani, Ajith, Yasantha
Deshamanya Professor Nandadasa Kodagoda MRCP, MD was the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo.

He was graduated as a doctor in 1956 and initially worked for government hospitals of Galle, Colombo, & Karawanella. Later in 1958, he joined the academic staff of the Colombo Medical School as a junior lecturer.

Subsequently, he held the positions of Professor of Forensic Medicine of the University of Colombo, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine before becoming the Vice Chancellor of the Colombo University.

He was educated at Nalanda College Colombo and Mahinda College Galle. During the time he spent as a school boy at Mahinda College, Kodagoda was able to keep an unbreakable record in the A/L bio history of Sri Lanka obtaining 396 marks.

Passing of a Wonderful Batch Mate – Chandra Rodrigo


Dear Ariya , Biga and Swarna,
I just had an email from Praxy (you may already have heard) that Chandra had passed away last night. His wife Rohini will be in touch with Praxy about the funeral arrangements.
I am copying this to Sam in case the news has not reached him yet.
Dr Chandra Rodrigo  expired, cremation will take place on 25th December 2018  at 5.00 pm Nawala Cemetery. Remains at No. 31, Rodrigo Mawatha, Nawala.
​Rohini & Asitha
+ 94 11 2875262
Editorial Note:
Chandra Rodrigo,
Chandra was the Associate Professor in Anesthesiology, University of Hong Kong, Examiner, Final Fellowship. He won BS Perera Gold Medal, College of Anesthesia, SriLanka and Horace Wells Award from International Federation of Anesth. Societies. After retirement, was the President, Philatelic Society of SriLanka and won Gold Medal at the International Stamp Exhibition in SriLanka. He was diagnosed with MND in 2006, and has been on a ventilator care at home since 2011. He leaves behind , his loving wife Rohini,  son Asitha, daughter- in- law Helen and, grand daughter Jaqueline.
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