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1976 on the road from Colombo to Kandy (Kegalle area)

Great looking EY Chevy from the sixties.Tourists wearing short shorts having Kurumba on road side!

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Current photo of PrimeMinister John Kotalawala’s Cadillac-

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Few interesting pics along Kandy- Colombo Rd- oct 2011- when I visited SL to
see my mom for her 94th b;day with my son and gf .
This Waraka Stand- was a real highlight and this was our  most refreshing
lunch !
I was happy to see this kind of old fashioned road side stands , even in
this day and age .

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This is a new feature I am starting today.  I am looking for images from the sixties, and prior in SriLanka. I am sure many of you recognize this very popular eatery  on Galle Rd Wellawattha.

Please feel free to share your stories and comments.















Hi Sam, Herewith a bit of history to go with your recent post.

Wellawatte , as the name says was a garden by the sea in the past
The two pics  of the Wellawatte canal are from the past and present.
The canal has an interesting history.It was created by CT Layard in 1872.In the old pic , it is titled Layard’s folly as the first canal was not deep enough to allow the flood waters to flow into the sea.Later it was deepened and became a good source of canal travel.In. The fifties, we are told that many vegetable vendors would bring their produce by boat from Piliyandala and beyond to sell their vegetables to the folk in Wellawatte and Dehiwela.Then came the squatters and the pollution from the spinning and weaving mills clogged the canal again.The people who lived by the canal, were known as the people of Ela- Kandiya.
But there is more to the people of Elakandiya.The beautiful Anula Kulatilleke was spotted crossing the canal by a film cameraman and she was the star in Golu Hadawatha.Remember her ?
What an interesting outcome from Layard’s folly to the the silver screen.I am sure there are many more stories to tell in and around the canal.


Passing of a Wonderful Batch’64 – Mate

RF James


James’s wife informed me that James( Our Batch mate) who suffered from Parkinsons for many years,  passed away on  ?14.03.18.
I recieved the message only yesterday morning.


Sathyanayagam and I visited him at his home about 2-3 yrs ago. We were not sure if he recognized us. We had a chat with his wife. 

I will try to call his wife to express our condolences

Story about another professor

Batch'64 Prof



A tale began in my mad, mischievous, carefree, Block days’

It was a fine afternoon, felt too good a day to get stuck in the Histology lab, A session I hated most, didn’t understand, nor knew a cell from a blob Parenchyma, fibroblast or an epithelial cell, too bizarre & looked the same Had a nice mid-day nap and came down from third floor, my room at Bloem

Table tennis table, outside the sub warden’s quarters, was quite tempting A racket on each end of the table, a ball nearby, yet no one was playing Studious mates do not cut practical sessions, their keenness, I was cursing Looking around near the ‘duck pond’, I saw a gentleman seated, relaxing

He looked serene, well healed, attired in a bow tie and a two piece beige suit Appeared bored, no one else was around, I guessed him, a parent of a student With the table tennis ball bouncing on one racket, to entice him, I approached Well, when hungry, any meat is beef, from old gent, ‘can you play TT’, I asked

To my innocent invitation, he looked utterly surprised, as well as bemused Stony silence no acceptance or denial but his piercing look got me worried I was in a dilemma over his stance my play hungry mind couldn’t comprehend Silence broken, making me uneasy, ‘shouldn’t you be at lectures’ he questioned

Because of his rather authoritative look, I did not have the courage to be impolite Yet mumbled to myself, ‘who the hell is he to tell me what to do’, I was a spoiled brat When turned back to get away from this, whom I thought, was an insignificant pest, Noticed, he getting up adjusting the trouser and on the chair, tidily placing his jacket

He caught up with me and asked, ‘so you want a partner to play table tennis’!

My flippant mouth opened, criticizing friends’ keenness to attend practical classes

Laughingly ‘told this old gent, ‘I think they all are competing to become professors,

Life is for enjoyment, I am still young and have no hesitation to cut a few sessions’

So we got on with the game I love, and to my surprise, found he wasn’t a pushover!

I won the two sets played, thanks to agility, flexibility & stamina, being much younger

He was appreciative saying, ‘you give a good game’ yet like a father saying to a naughty nipper

Told me, ‘young man do not let playfulness ruin your studies, if you want to have a bright future’

I saw from the corner of my eyes when I was playing Table Tennis

Few seniors who were looking cagily while passing to their rooms

Noticed Dr Kularatne our Sub warden on return was very respectful

To this decent looking gentleman whom I beat squarely in table tennis


Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.49.49 PM

Late Kandiah a veteran at Bloem came rushing to me and asked

Do you know who he was the man you sent in the TT table around

I was getting jittery but did not show, and said he gave me a good game

‘Yakko ! that is Ranaya!!!’ the Obstetrics Proff. you dealt with no reverence

Mind you I was only few months in the medical school, a raw fresher

Knew only Prof. Wass in anatomy, Prof Koch in Phys, & Prof Hoover

The story did not end there fast forward to as in my third or fourth year

I met My TT pal at DMH as a stupid student, and he was the professor

Rest is history I managed finals including O & G without a debacle

I’ii take you forward to internship at DMH Bunty and me with Menda

Already both of us had developed a shine towards Obst, and Gynae

Must say decision was easy we hero worshipped both prof & Menda

Year was nineteen seventy-one, the exam was MRCOG part one

For the first time RCOG decided to hold it in Colombo, Ceylon

When I came to know it only three days was left to send application

I panicked and gave a desperate telephone call to my ‘Obs. Guardian’

Professor Ranasinghe shouted at me and said there’s no time to lose

Write immediately your details as he was at that RCOG rep for Ceylon

It was a Saturday I could not get bank to organise fees to be attached

Good professor said I will put the money just post personal description

Exam fees was hundred and eighty rupees in early seventies

He sent my application putting his own money as my exam fees

Never accepted all my attempts to pay it back later occasions

Finally, he shut me, saying TT at Bloem, was worth a few bucks!


Ariya 1

Ariya De Silva

ACE Koch-Ariya


Batch'64 Prof

Prof ACE Koch great teacher and an excellent human being


Prof Koch A great teacher and a fantastic human being



More about Prof Koch,

Learning the basics in Physiology…

The Physiology Department had an impressive array of academics. Prof Koch,Dr Jansze and Dr

Carlo Fonseka, to name three. At our first physiology lecture Prof Koch projected a slide of a worn

out looking female medical student in a saree and wearing an L-board. We were so nervous that

none of us laughed in appreciation. He must have thought we were a dull lot. However as times

passed we learned to pick up the jokes and stamp our feet on the wooden floor.

Very little love was lost between Prof Koch and Dr Jansze. Dr Jansze had a mischievous sense of

humour and rumour has it that he used to cycle along the corridors of the General Hospital. He

demonstrated to us our physiology practicals. They were the most way out and archaic practicals;

judging from modern standards. There was a tallish student called Heather Knower to whom Jansze

said “Heather Knower, tall as a tower, come here my dear, the weather Heather is cold.”

Once at a tutorial Jansze wrote a question on the black board and having discussed it said “you can

call me Koch if you do not get that question at the examination”. The question appeared in the

examination paper and Jansze fell into deep trouble.

Reprinted from

CoMSAA Newsletter, Vol 7, Issue 1

“A Tribute to Kamala”


“Kamala”- A Tribute

Shared by Tituscanstock3453563


A Tribute To Dr Kamala Gomez By Dr Titus Fernando

At Her Funeral Service On Wednesday 7th February 2018

We are gathered here to pay our respects to a very special lady. Kamala was always a calm, quiet, modest, beautiful and elegant lady. That does not do justice to her does it?

Kamala was a loving and caring wife to Gaspar, loving and caring mother to her two lovely daughters Shehana & Nicky, a true and sincere friend to all her relatives and friends and a very caring and trusted doctor to her patients. My wife Sunita always speaks of her as a very elegant lady and I have heard this comment from Sunila, Rio and several others.

I first met Kamala in August 1964 when I entered the Medical Faculty. Our batch was blessed with pretty girls some of whom are here today and still looking good. Kamala was one of the best. Her beauty, charm, innocence, good complexion and lovely smile charmed and captivated many young bucks in our batch and earned her many admirers. A young handsome guy called Gaspar Gomez with his good qualities usually only found in Josephians, and his posh Colombo 7 accent won Kamala’s heart.

Briefly I would like to mention 2 iconic moments from our faculty days.

Kamala stayed at the girls’ hostel down De Saram Place which was only a stone throw from the faculty of Medicine. Why on earth it was called the “Hopper House” I will never know. Our young hero was regularly seen walking up and down De Saram Place dressed like prince  charming and singing the favourite My Fair Lady hit “I have often walked down this street before” because he was far too early for the scheduled strict visiting hours of the girls hostel. He was reeking of Aramis to an extent even the Norris Canal round the corner smelt nice for a moment or two. He may have been the first to go but was the last to leave. Such was his dedication to Anatomy” which I hear was an interest they both shared for the next 5 years.

Second iconic moment was … Kamala standing outside the men’s common room to speak to Gaspar since girls were not allowed there. When we see her Kingsley, Almeida or myself and sometimes all three instead of calling Gaspar go to her and say “Hi Kamala can I help you” With a sweet smile she will say “Anae can I speak to Gaspar please?” If Kingsley was there the usual reply was “Gaspar is dead”. And Kamala would say “Anae Kingsley don’t say that”. Then our second pleasant task was to summon Gaspar and this was a joy if he was playing bridge or billiards especially billiards since it was always very difficult to get a turn on the table we considered it a bonus. We would go and say “Gaspar, Kamala wants you… now… Go” Gaspar would leave immediately muttering and what he was uttering I can tell you in confidence was not prayers. However by the time he gets to Kamala every trace of irritation had left his countenance and he is all milk and honey. Clever boy. They learn fast don’t they! How you ladies take a wild young man who cannot be controlled by his parents and turn them into an obedient husband I will never understand and do it with only a smile.

If life had buttons like a video recorder they both would have pressed the pause button.

But life moves on. Their love was true. They got married, made a lovely nest and they were blessed with two lovely daughters Shehana & Nicky. They had a wonderful & happy life, stack of money, a large circle of good friends, travelled the world over and visited friends in different parts of the world. Life was good. The world was their oyster.

However unknown to them dark clouds were gathering without any warning.

Disease is no respecter of Royalty, Professions, and Riches. It does not care if you are good or bad. Some 10 or 11 years ago when we spotted the tell-tale signs we were distressed. Helpless all we could do was to pray. The near and dear ones to Kamala have noticed this a couple of years earlier to their distress.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Kamala accepted this twist of fate gracefully and coped with it bravely and with dignity with the help of her loving husband Gaspar and her loving daughters Shehana and Nicky and the help of a few very close circle of friends like Neville & Mallika. She did this until about three years ago when all control was taken out of her hands. The task on her loving husband, two loving daughters and their few close friends was heavy and demanding but they rose up to the challenge with a smile and looked after her with love & dedication until she passed away peacefully on the 22nd of January 2018.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take

But by the magical moments that take your breath away

So many magical moments to reminisce every day

You did dear Kamala in your own special way.

Kamala made many magical moments for all of us.

The magical moments Kamala had created for Sunita and me are …

Whenever she sees us at an event or function her beautiful and innocent face will   breakup into a warm welcoming smile and she would say “Ahh, Titus & Sunita are here”

The other is when we were at a school dance or some such function she would always have a dance or two with me. She was a great dancer and a real lady on the floor. At the Josephian Dance some 6 or 7 years ago Kamala was suffering from this wretched condition but she recognised us and Kingsley and commented “Kingsley bolayak wagae” On that occasion too she danced with me and after 1 dance started pining for Gaspar. It was a symptom that got progressively worse to the distress of her close family and friends.

Dear Kamala your work is done.

God has called you to enjoy the eternal reward you richly deserve. You showed everyone how to live in peace.

Rest in peace dear friend.

We love you …

We will miss you …

But we will never forget you.



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Stupa- Sedona - feb 22-IMG_4363