“Appreciation of a Batchmate”

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1994 Ru

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Passing of a Wonderful Batch’64 – Mate

RF James


James’s wife informed me that James( Our Batch mate) who suffered from Parkinsons for many years,  passed away on  ?14.03.18.
I recieved the message only yesterday morning.


Sathyanayagam and I visited him at his home about 2-3 yrs ago. We were not sure if he recognized us. We had a chat with his wife. 

I will try to call his wife to express our condolences

“A Tribute to Kamala”


“Kamala”- A Tribute

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A Tribute To Dr Kamala Gomez By Dr Titus Fernando

At Her Funeral Service On Wednesday 7th February 2018

We are gathered here to pay our respects to a very special lady. Kamala was always a calm, quiet, modest, beautiful and elegant lady. That does not do justice to her does it?

Kamala was a loving and caring wife to Gaspar, loving and caring mother to her two lovely daughters Shehana & Nicky, a true and sincere friend to all her relatives and friends and a very caring and trusted doctor to her patients. My wife Sunita always speaks of her as a very elegant lady and I have heard this comment from Sunila, Rio and several others.

I first met Kamala in August 1964 when I entered the Medical Faculty. Our batch was blessed with pretty girls some of whom are here today and still looking good. Kamala was one of the best. Her beauty, charm, innocence, good complexion and lovely smile charmed and captivated many young bucks in our batch and earned her many admirers. A young handsome guy called Gaspar Gomez with his good qualities usually only found in Josephians, and his posh Colombo 7 accent won Kamala’s heart.

Briefly I would like to mention 2 iconic moments from our faculty days.

Kamala stayed at the girls’ hostel down De Saram Place which was only a stone throw from the faculty of Medicine. Why on earth it was called the “Hopper House” I will never know. Our young hero was regularly seen walking up and down De Saram Place dressed like prince  charming and singing the favourite My Fair Lady hit “I have often walked down this street before” because he was far too early for the scheduled strict visiting hours of the girls hostel. He was reeking of Aramis to an extent even the Norris Canal round the corner smelt nice for a moment or two. He may have been the first to go but was the last to leave. Such was his dedication to Anatomy” which I hear was an interest they both shared for the next 5 years.

Second iconic moment was … Kamala standing outside the men’s common room to speak to Gaspar since girls were not allowed there. When we see her Kingsley, Almeida or myself and sometimes all three instead of calling Gaspar go to her and say “Hi Kamala can I help you” With a sweet smile she will say “Anae can I speak to Gaspar please?” If Kingsley was there the usual reply was “Gaspar is dead”. And Kamala would say “Anae Kingsley don’t say that”. Then our second pleasant task was to summon Gaspar and this was a joy if he was playing bridge or billiards especially billiards since it was always very difficult to get a turn on the table we considered it a bonus. We would go and say “Gaspar, Kamala wants you… now… Go” Gaspar would leave immediately muttering and what he was uttering I can tell you in confidence was not prayers. However by the time he gets to Kamala every trace of irritation had left his countenance and he is all milk and honey. Clever boy. They learn fast don’t they! How you ladies take a wild young man who cannot be controlled by his parents and turn them into an obedient husband I will never understand and do it with only a smile.

If life had buttons like a video recorder they both would have pressed the pause button.

But life moves on. Their love was true. They got married, made a lovely nest and they were blessed with two lovely daughters Shehana & Nicky. They had a wonderful & happy life, stack of money, a large circle of good friends, travelled the world over and visited friends in different parts of the world. Life was good. The world was their oyster.

However unknown to them dark clouds were gathering without any warning.

Disease is no respecter of Royalty, Professions, and Riches. It does not care if you are good or bad. Some 10 or 11 years ago when we spotted the tell-tale signs we were distressed. Helpless all we could do was to pray. The near and dear ones to Kamala have noticed this a couple of years earlier to their distress.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Kamala accepted this twist of fate gracefully and coped with it bravely and with dignity with the help of her loving husband Gaspar and her loving daughters Shehana and Nicky and the help of a few very close circle of friends like Neville & Mallika. She did this until about three years ago when all control was taken out of her hands. The task on her loving husband, two loving daughters and their few close friends was heavy and demanding but they rose up to the challenge with a smile and looked after her with love & dedication until she passed away peacefully on the 22nd of January 2018.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take

But by the magical moments that take your breath away

So many magical moments to reminisce every day

You did dear Kamala in your own special way.

Kamala made many magical moments for all of us.

The magical moments Kamala had created for Sunita and me are …

Whenever she sees us at an event or function her beautiful and innocent face will   breakup into a warm welcoming smile and she would say “Ahh, Titus & Sunita are here”

The other is when we were at a school dance or some such function she would always have a dance or two with me. She was a great dancer and a real lady on the floor. At the Josephian Dance some 6 or 7 years ago Kamala was suffering from this wretched condition but she recognised us and Kingsley and commented “Kingsley bolayak wagae” On that occasion too she danced with me and after 1 dance started pining for Gaspar. It was a symptom that got progressively worse to the distress of her close family and friends.

Dear Kamala your work is done.

God has called you to enjoy the eternal reward you richly deserve. You showed everyone how to live in peace.

Rest in peace dear friend.

We love you …

We will miss you …

But we will never forget you.



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Stupa- Sedona - feb 22-IMG_4363

Kamala’s Final journey !-





The date was the 7th of February  and the time was 11am.  It was the date and the time we said ”Farewell” to Kamala.
It was a sad occasion as well as a happy occasion too. Sad, because  we were saying  good bye to our dear friend Kamala. Happy, because her suffering was over. From the number of attendees, it was obvious, how popular Kamala was. During the service, which was very moving, a beautiful hymn was sung, followed by the playing of  two of Kamala’s favourite songs. Gaspar and Kamala’s daughter Shehana paid a loving tribute to her mother. Their other daughter could not attend as she was organising the church service held at Thimbirigasyaya at the same time. Shaukat’s eulogy at the crematorium  demonstrated highly of Kamala’s wonderful nature and expressed admiration of the loving relationship between her and Gaspar. The cremation was followed by lunch at a nearby hotel and Titus described at length, what a wonderful couple Kamala and Gaspar  have been…. from the start of their careers as medical students, till the final hours  and the last moment of Kamala’s life on this earth. Their son in law’s oration was delivered in a formal and dignified manner.. Kamala’s carer demonstrated  by her eulogy, what a lovely patient Kamala had been and the love and affection shown by Gaspar from the beginning to the end.

When God saw Kamala feeling tired,
And a cure was not to be.
He put His arms around her
And whispered “come back to me”.

He didn’t like what Kamala went through,
And decided to give her rest.
Now that she is free of pain,
We don’t wish her to come back, to suffer that pain again.

Gaspar do not be sad,  as Kamala has found  her final rest,
Please know that God called her as she is one of the very best.


Celebration of Life- Kamala Gomez

Dear all
It is with sadness that i forward the message just recieved  from Lucky in Canada. Our sympathies are with Gazpas and children
Lakshmen and Gita
Gomez – Dr Kamala  (nee Abeywickrema)
Dearly beloved wife of Gaspar, loving mother of Shehana and Niki (MAS Holdings), mother in law of Stefano, passed away peacefully in Chichester, West Sussex, UK on Monday 22nd January 2018.
Much loved sister of Kulasena, Dr Palitha (Australia), Ananda, Malini, Ratna & Karuna. Daughter of the late Mr & Mrs D.A. Abeywickrema of Yatiyana
Her funeral service will be held at the Chichester crematorium on Wednesday 7th February 2018 at 11 am.
A Thanksgiving Service for the life of Kamala will be held on Wednesday 7th February at 5 pm at St. Theresa’s Church, Thimbirigasyaya 
Ranjith A



Marina Rayappu -PIC122 copy

Kellas of the 60's ---IMG_5184 (2)


It is with great sadness that I write this …
I cannot even get my head around to write  tribute to my dear friend
Kamala, as my heart is sooo broken now ….

Gaspar- My Deepest Sympathies to you, and your two lovely daughters-
You have been such a GREAT support  to Kamala and family, and GREAT source
of Inspiration and Courage for the Class of 64 .
I will never forget the song you sang for Kamala on that Friday Night
concert, and all I can remember , is I was crying buckets of tears, and you
were sooo very brave, singing the song for Kamala …
Gaspar- you have such lovely memories of your Life and Times with Kamala-
that will give you the strength to move on .
You could not have done anymore than what you did to care for her so very
lovingly during her illness for nearly 15 years —  A Testimony to True Love

I remember you my dear Kamala, the very FIRST DAY you walked into  the
Block- via Norris Canal Rd- with the books in your hand  ,  two long black
braids gently swaying with that most famous gentle swinging walk of yours !
You were staying with your  doctor older brother at that time , who was
sooo very protective of his pretty little sister ( you were the youngest in
the family ) that he even sent an Aiya to follow behind you , so the boys
would not ‘rag ‘ you !!
I will never ever forget this day, as long as I live, and Rajes was also
with me, standing next to me watching you walk along Norris Canal Rd !
And, I do seem to  recall, even Gaspar and a few other guys  standing and
watching you walking along Norris Canal Rd, that fine morning,  and I think,
it was Love at First Sight for Gaspar  and the Rest is History …

After the Girls Hostel girl  hostel was built,  you were in the Girls
Hostel,with the rest of us , for the next five years , on the 3rd Floor-
with  the naughty ones, with Stella as your room mate .There was my self,
Rajes, Maha , and Saradamani  on the 3rd floor . and we sure had good times

Sweet, Sweet  Kamala, in her own sweet Dream World- as we used to say back
then, as nothing would ruffle you, always calm, gentle, with that ever
present sweet, sweet smiling face , no matter what the situations was .
I recall- coming to your room in the hostel- just to be with you, to clear
my head so to speak,  and  let some of that gentleness of yours to rub off
on to me, when ever things bothered me , and my head was spinning around !
I recall all the lies I had to tell your mom and dad, when you went
sneaking out with Gaspar,  met with an accident and  broke your hand one
fine night !
But, I had to tell our subwarden- Dr Phyllis Costa- the truth !
Oh My God- I will never forget this episode- Gaspar- I wonder if you
remember this !!!
Gaspar- was Deva and Stella were  also in the car also that fun night ?
Those were the days !!

Those were good days Kamala- and I am glad I have such a good memory for
these things .
Then, we met in UK – 1989 RU- you and Gaspar- and we had such a good time .
This photo above is us at that time- which I call the Kellas of the Sixties

Then, I came and visited you and Gaspar in UK back in the late 90’s, spent
a night at your home, and you made such a good meal for me,  and  treated me
right royally .
You both visited me in my condo in Mississauga, Ontario- Canada , when
Gaspar came to visit his sister in Ontario .
I attended your older daughter’s wedding too, in Srilanka, in 2001 January
I think .
A pity I don’t have any photos of those events ,  with me right now, for
the Class of 64 to see .

Kamala  My  Sweet  Friend- May You Attain Nibanna and Live Happy  in the
Eternal Garden of Flowers ….
Gaspar- to you I say- Hold On to The Sweet Memory of Sweet Kamala for your
Future Strength ..

Your  Loving Friend- Deepthie .



Kamala’s Funeral arrangements
Dear All.
Biga phoned me just now asking me  to insert the cremation details of Kamala in the blog. as Gaspar had asked him to let all of us know the details.
Date – 7th February at 11am.
At Chichester Crematorium  ( near St Richards Hospital )
49/51 Spittalfield Lane.
West Sussex.
Post Code  PO19 6SG ( For Sat nav )
Phone number 01243 839777.
Thank you.



Lakdas Edit copy 2


This article  was sent to me by my cousin who did not know that Lucky studied with us


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stella - SL gp gathering - 1989-IMG_6269 (2) copy

Here is the photo of that gathering in SL, in 1989- 90- when the SL group
got together .
This is the event that Dalpe mentioned in his comment  , when
after a month or so, Lakdasa passed away . Most likely, this would be one of
the LAST photos of Lakdasa .


Passing– of– a– wonderful– Batch–Mate


Dr. Hermon Sanath Peiris of Delhi, New York. Loving husband of Pathma Peiris. Beloved father of Irusha Peiris and Shanaka (Tracy) Peiris. Proud grandfather of Kina Mei-Shiu Peiris and Colin Sanath Peiris. Dear brother of Rena (Hugh) Fernando, Edna (Kingsley) Dahanayake, Joyce (Kingsley) Sirimane, Mervyn (Sunetha) Peiris, the late Ridley (Ranji) Peiris, and the late Sirina (Eardley) Colombage. Passed away December 3, 2017 at the age of 74.

Family and friends will be received from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM on Wednesday, December 6 at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 10345 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, OH 45242, where services will be held at 12:30 PM.


Click below for more info and  to reach the guest book at the funeral home



Passing of a Wonderful Batchmate





S.Yoganathan passed away peacefully yesterday

“Yoga had his early education at St John’s college Jaffna, graduated from Colombo medical faculty in 1969 & worked in Galle and Kandy Hospitals. He completed his Dermatology training & MRCP(UK) in 1978. He was appointed as Dermatologist at the G.H./ Medical faculty, Jaffna in 1979 – 1985.
Yoga migrated to Melbourne in 1986 with his wife Shylaja (a civil engineer), daughter Sivathmiga & son Maal.
He worked as Consultant Dermatologist & enjoyed teaching at Alfred Health. He was an expert in Genital and HIV Dermatoses & published articles in International journals
He was also a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology; RCP(Edin) & RACP(Aust)
Yoga was highly involved with Music & cultural activities even in Australia.
Kind hearted Gentleman Yoga will be missed not only by his Wife Shylaja, children & grand child but also by his 1964- Batch mates.”


Yoga’s funeral will be on: Thursday 6th July 2017 2.30 pm
at:- BUNURONG Memorial Park;
    Stratus Reflection Space
    790 Frankston-Dandenong Road
    Dandenong South
Thank you

My Deepest Sympathies to  Shylaja and family, on the loss of your beloved
Husband, father and grandfather .

The passing of Yoganathan comes as a real shock to us, right on the heels
of Kumi’s passing .
The sudden news of this- coming so soon after we all met at RU 64- 2014-
Beruwala, makes it even harder …
This goes to show how short life is , and the need to ‘stay together ‘ ,as
these pictures speak more than words ..

Deepthie .

Kumudini (Alahakone) De Silva



Kumudini “Kumi” DeSilva, M.D. Peacefully passed away on Wednesday June 21, 2017, age 73, of Gibsonia. Born and raised in Sri Lanka September 14, 1943 to Abraham and Sylvia Alahakoon, with her brothers Ranjith Alahakoon and Sunil Alahakoon, M.D. After completing her doctorate of medicine, she immigrated to the United States with her beloved husband Siri DeSilva, M.D. Loving mother of Thushan (Danusha) DeSilva, M.D., Ranil (Maricel) DeSilva, M.D., Dilini (Ruwan) Karunaratne. Loving grandmother to Juliana, Keilani, Trevyn, Nayana, Gabriela, and Nyali. Dr Kumi served the community of Northview Heights clinic. Services will be held on Friday June 23, 2017 at 2:00 PM in Sperling Funeral Home 700 Blazier Drive Wexford, PA 15090, visitation till 4:30pm. Cremation will be private. Sperling Funeral Home, Inc. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center 111 Route 908, Natrona Heights, PA 15065 or Light of Life Ministries -Northside http://www.lightoflife.org


Kumi  My  Dear,

You have left us in this world, but you are now in a better place in an
Eternal Garden of Flowers ….. May  You Rest in Peace ….
You will be lovingly remembered and sadly  missed by the entire Class of
Your beauty , charm  , your particular sense of humour ( !!! ) and your
lovely gentle personality – will be with us for always .
Your courage in the face of adversity- your strong will power and  brave
survival attitude towards your health issues is what teaches all of  us a
lesson at this stage in our lives .

When  Kumi / Siri and daughter  visited my old cottage back in the summer
of ’98-  Kumi  told me ” Aney deepthie- mage pinturayak ganna oyage mal ekka
‘ !!! and you look  just gorgeous in this- better than the flowers that are
around you …

She was soooo happy to  be with Rajes and my self, and we had such a
wonderful weekend together .

I remember like y’day- the time we used to meet in Piitsburgh- for the New
Year Celebrations in April- that Picing- Nisantha  and others used to
organize, and there were times when we would be spending the weekend with
Kumi/ Siri , Piching / Nisantha  homes

Those were the days when border crossing was a fun thing to do , and  we
did this many, many times in the past .
We all had such good times back then, and I am sooo glad that I had the
opportunity to enjoy these moments back in the day at Pittsburgh .
I must say a special Thank You to Piching and Nisantha for giving me the
chance to participate in the New Year events , for it is beautiful  memories
like these, that makes life worth while, in the twilight years of our lives

Kumi- May You Rest in Peace in the Eternal Garden of Flowers ..

Your good friend- Deepthie .


My dear Siri and Family ,

Please accept my Deepest Sympathies on the passing of  Kumi…

It was such a joy to be around both of you , the very many times  in
your home, and again when both of your visited my place back in 1998 .
I love this photo of you Meditating on The Rocks — that I took of you
behind my home on Georgian Bay .

In this moment of grief , try to find Joy, Peace and Harmony through
the wonderful memories you and your family have had with lovely Kumi ,
over the long years she was with you all , as a loving wife, loving
mother and grandmother .
She was not only All of the Above, but also a  Wonderful Friend to all
of you .

Blessings to you and your family- Deepthie .

Passing of a Wonderful Batch Mate



It is with great sadness  that I report Passing of Nihal Nagahawatte today. Nihal Passed away peacefully at home

Funeral arrangements:

Vander May Funeral Home
 567 Ratzer Road
 Wayne, NJ 07470
 Tel. (973) 696-2900

      Saturday – May 20,2017

           Visitation 9AM to 12 pm

Cremation  1PM

-Wije Kottahachchi

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