Merry Christmas!


Happy 😃 Christmas 🎄 and a bright healthy New year to all our batch mates

Christmas is coming and the 🦃 turkey is getting fatter,
And with the temperatures dropping the cold is getting bitter.⛄️❄️
So it’s time to wish all our friends near and dear,
A very happy Christmas 🎄🎄🎄and a joy filled New Year.🥂🥂

Ranjit and Praxy

Happy Mothers Day!

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Enjoy these pics of  Mother Earth  and Her Children   and treat ALL Mothers
with Tender Loving Care .

I took these pics over a few years, at different places – Sri Lanka,
Arctic Canada , and Ontario, Canada around the place I live .
Robin and chicks — on my own door step when Mom Robin thought my Christmas
Cactus pot was a good home for her 4 babies .
When the chicks flew the coop- I cried a bucket of tears …

Eagledeepthie .

Happy Vesak Day!

Vesak Greeting


Sukho buddhanamuppado
sukha saddhammadesana
sukha sanghassa samaggi
samagganam tapo sukho

Happy is the arising of a Buddha;

happy is the exposition of the Ariya Dhamma;

happy is the harmony amongst the Sangha;

happy is the practice of those in harmony.




New Year Greetings!

happy-sinhala-and-tamil-new-year copy


Best Wishes from the ‘Blog Master’

Thank you for your continued support

Click Below to check the “Avurudu Litha’ for 2018,  kindly shared by Ariya

Sinhala and Tamil New YearNew Year – 2018


Quiz from Deepthie

Do you know the significance of the bunch of keys on top of the drum ?

Is it to make it bounce around and make a tinkling sound ?



Shared by Rani

Happy Easter!

Easter copy


EasterEaster contemplations

Happy Easter

Hallelujah!  Let us together celebrate Easter

Jesus rose from death on a day like today

To make our lives joyous and to prop up the weak

Above all to teach the value of sacrificing for each other


My Easter pledges

Contentment and Generosity

Compassion and Forgiveness


If I had measured happiness and success in terms of assets

And exhausted my time in expanding my wealth & treasures

I’ve learnt a lesson that happiness does not lie in the riches

But on one’s generosity as the lord scarified His Life


If Compassion and forgiveness was not prominent

In my hitherto life, will be the whole mark from now onwards

However desperate the position or the encounters,

I shall have hope in the goodness of heart


Ariya De Silva


Dec 28- Sharon's Spruce Tree with Snowy Sharon !!-IMG_1414 (2) copy

Deepthie 1

Snowy Owl- the Iconic Arctic Bird- says  –” Wish all of you  A Very Happy
and Healthy Year 2018. ” .

Snowy  Owl ( Eng) – Bubo scandiocus (  Latin )  Ukpigjuac (   Inuktitut )–

A regualr Winter Visitor to the  Lower Great Lakes Regions of Canada and

Photo by EagleD  – Dec 28th- 2017 ,  Near my home, Temp minus 20 deg C .,
perched on top of the tallest  spruce tree  in the area .



New Year Greetings from Sree



2018 New Year Resolutions and greetings

-from Ariya


My New Year Resolution Benevolence, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity towards all beings

Shall strive for harmony, sharing happiness and peace In this world over the short time, I am destined to live, Four-fold noble practice, to counter anger and cruelty, Imposters, jealousy & bias towards own, must be dimmed

Antidote for anger, benevolence, I should learn and adhere To the heinous crime, cruelty, compassion is the act humane Jealousy, the green-eyed monster, doused with sympathetic joy Avoid partiality to own views, kith and kin by way of equanimity

Loving kindness, also called benevolence is a quality sublime Being aware of illnesses and dangers to others and protect in time Good example here is how a pregnant mother, protects her baby From possible dangers & illnesses, even by giving up her pet hobby

Compassion, my heart should soften, seeing others suffering I should endeavour with all my might to reduce their burden It is ‘Karuna’ described as a fragrance of the quality humane Like Metta, kindness should be extended beyond kith and kin

Sympathetic joy or ‘Muditha’ a sublime quality, opposite of envy Genuine rejoice over others success conquering thoughts, jealousy Congratulatory attitude coming from sweetness of heart and rejoice It is that heavenly attitude makes friends and the world very happy

‘Upekka’ equanimity, the toughest status of the four, must develop ‘Discerning rightly and viewing justly with absolute impartiality Ups and downs are the rule, I should face the fame and the infamy, Loss or gain, praise or insult, as well take pain and comfort equally

I wish a very happy New Year, 2018 to all my batch mates!

Ariya De Silva



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