Best wishes to Swarna (Yaampath) Gooneratne



Editorial Note:

Swarna’s BD was yesterday ( US time).  Webmaster had a “senior moment”. My apologies.  Many happy returns of the Day Swarna!!




Message from Praxy

It’s in the Medical faculty many years ago, where we first met
Nineteen sixty four to be exact, the year that I will never forget.
For such a long time we have been good friends
And I know our friendship will last right to the end
So Ranjit and I are wishing you many happy returns of the day,
And God’s abundant blessings for you today tomorrow and everyday.

Praxy and Ranjit


Message from Deepthie


Happy Birthday to you Swarna, on this Special Day .

As one of the ‘ Kellas of the Sixties ‘, we were only about 40 kellas in a
class of 164 I think, you were a great bundle of fun with lots of good
energy to pass around, specially during lunch time at the Girls Common Room-
back in the day !

Then, in the afternoons, if you ever arrived late for a lecture, the guys
would stamp their feet and holler, and you would just walk by , up the
steps, to the last row ( being Yahampath ) head held high, with that
lovely smile on your face, that seemed to be there to cheer all of us, all
the time .

You were there with some fun yarn to make us laugh , and forget the horrors
of a morning ward class , or to dispel the stresses, when times got tough
with exams .

Many thanks to you my dear, for ALL the fond memories of days gone by, and
it was just great meeting up with you again, at the RU 64 in Beruwala .

I wish you many more years of Happiness and Good Health to celebrate many
more Birthday Days !

IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Eagledeepthie .

Double BD Celebrations!



Anoja and Willie Celebrate their Birthdays Today


Prof Anoja Fernando

Wilfred Wijesinghe



Dear Willi and Anoja,
Belated birthday wishes to you both. May your endeavors prosper and may you have contentment always. At our age a birthday itself is a divine gift!
Narme and Nirmali

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A Double Birthday – Feb 17th- Anoja and Willie Mama !!!!

Two Wonderful Comrades as different as , Night and Day !

Celebrating with Cake and Kong Kikanut- (as per Ernie Peiris Ward Class !!)

One , A Professor of Pharmacology and Dean of Faculty of Medicine .

The Other, A Philanthropist of the Highest Order, With a Heart of Gold

One- A Dear Friend to ALL the Class of 64, specially for us Kellas of The
60’s to whom we could turn to, for a bit of good advice, a charming
beautiful lady, ever the professor, very serious at times, and can also be
very jolly at times, and fun to be with on the dance floor too. !!

the-professor-dsc_9432 fun-on-the-dance-floor-img_0412birthday-cake-dsc_0127

The Other, a very kind , loveable , fun to be around sort of guy, with
that Eternal Happy Face!!!

A REAL Joker, a ” commit karaya ” as we would have said back then – !!
Knows how to joke- a great one act ” Sit Com ” guy,

Knows how to tell a joke and diffuse the tension of any situation, even
the very serious Ward Class ,- and make us all laugh, and make the very ,
very serious Dr. Ernie Peiris blush, and turn pink as a rose !,


Knows how to TAKE a Joke ( a.k.a. Kong Kikanut !! ) , and pretend to be
real innocent– ” why are you all laughing, what happened here ? ” look on
that Happy Face !


The Class of 64 has been Blessed,
To have both of you, among its members,
It has been such an honour for all of us ,
To be counted among such Greatness as Anoja and Willie .


IMG_0352 - Copy-cc


Dear Wije,
With the extended arm and five fingers splayed in the air
You are making the point that batch 64 as the best by far
We all salute and send greetings today on your ‘big day’
Wishing good health, longevity & contentment all the way
Entry batch 64

Ariya 173



Our best wishes to S.Sathanandan!





Dear Satha

now that your birthday is here,
Ranjit and I want to wish you the best for the coming year.
May the good Lord bless and keep you,
Till we meet again at the next RU.

Praxy and Ranjit. praxy-edit




satha-img_0349-paul-usa-sathi-uk-sathanadan-aust satha-13-feb-dsc_9381


HI Satha,
Happy Birthday to you – a day before the Valentine Day !
Anyway- here comes Heartfelt Good Wishes on your Birthday .
It was nice meeting up with you and others- as these pics show .
Sathannadan, Sattiyanayagam, Seneviratne, Selvadurai- at least part of
the S gp- looking a bit blurry- but, still looking good even though we are
all hitting 70 !!
Selvamalar is missing, but, she was here with us in Spirit for sure !


IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Have a Happy Birthday – Deepthie


Happy Birthday Satha!!

Sam Samarasinghe

LWRDPC Sam Samarasinghe





Best Wishes for Shanti Dalpatadu





Message from Ariya


Those who are truly wise are especially aware of the need for sanity.

They take delight in sanity.

They take pleasure in the pursuit of sanity

That is where you belong because you are in the region of the supernormal

As your mannerism is saintly so are your speech, deeds, thoughts & name

On your ‘Big day’ my friend, I wish you good health, peace and longevity

Ariya De Silva


Message from Praxy

Dalpe dear you were one of the quietest in the batch,
With no moans groans or animosities to hatch.
So it is with great pleasure that Ranjit and I wish you,
Many happy returns of the day along with the rest of the crew.
Praxy and Ranjit


Message from Deepthie

Happy Birthday to you Dalpe- !
Enjoy your BIG Day- as much as we all enjoyed the Block Concert with you
and the rest of the SL gang !
Deepthie .

It’s Selva’s Birthday!




Message from Praxy

My dear Selvaranee you are the queen bee of the colony
Colony of batch mates who are always jolly and friendly.
Along with others Ranjit and I send you greetings
For a birthday that will bring happiness and joy till our next meetings.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Love. Praxy and Ranjit

Message from Ariya

It is Our Selvarani’s Birthday, When celebrating with friends and loved ones, a mile stone in your life, fabulous We fondly reminisce sweet cakes you always feed us with, thrilling our taste buds Wishing you a long peaceful life with excellent health, prosperity filled with joy Greetings are sent to a wonderful batch mate, a good friend and a pretty lady Ariya on behalf of Batch ‘64


Message from Deepthie


Eagledeepthie is sending you Very Warm Birthday Wishes !!

They come to you from the Flowers of Lanka,

They come to you, from the warm blue and gold waters of the Indian Ocean
of Lanka, , to the Winter Sunrise of the Great Lakes of Canada,

They come to you, from my Polar Bear mom and cubs, who spend all their
lives in the Arctic and Snowy Owls and Snow Buntings flocks in the High
Arctic, that spend the winter near my home,

They come to you from the migrating Sandhill Cranes , who stop on the way
near my home, on their way south from Northern Canada,

They come to you to give you a little treat, through my little chickadee

And of course- THE BIG BIRTHDAY CAKE in Beruwala- for you, and for all of
us to share !

May you find that Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow !!!
My BIG Rock Man is Watching Over You and Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday

Have a Great Day- on the 24th Jan- Your Birthday Day .

Lots of Love and Good Wishes- eagledeepthie .

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