Best Wishes to CJ!

My dear CJ, everyone in our batch loves you
We see individually & collectively nice things in you
You are adored as a gentleman of the highest quality
A dependable friend for each of us full of  equanimity

You have the softest heart, filled with benevolence
Bursting with compassion, intensity second to none
Wish you a very happy birthday and a fruitful long life
Excellent health with peace and contentment always


Best Wishes to Praxy!

Matter cannot be annihilated
Nor can it ever be recreated
Yet Almighty did a fabulous deed
Inserting beauty, efficiency and reliability
HE rearranged matter & made you indeed

I wish  a jubilant  birthday to my dear friend,  Praxy
As it is a joy to send greetings, to a loyal soul, classy
On her birthday reminding how preciousness she is to us
For being a live wire in batch, spreading benevolence always

May you have excellent health and happiness
May you enjoy  a long life with hubby and kids
May Sunshine uninterrupted offering golden rays
May you have contentment & peace of mind  always