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Song: Alcohol The Gods Gift – Written & composed by Titus Fernando
Shared by Ranjth A

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This song is dedicated to my wife Sunita and my son Nilantha.

Vocalist: Ryan Henderlin

Music: Lahiru Aponsu

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kalpa Gunasekera @ Shan Studio 

With love 


Carlo’s Tribute to Feizal

From Carlo Fonseka to Feizal Zavahir:A teacher’s debt to a student

The Island, September,9th 2019 


Feizal Zavahir was a student and I a teacher in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo (then University of Ceylon) in the 1960’s. In a university, teachers and students are all fellow-students. This is because what teachers don’t know is much greater than what they profess to know. So they have much to learn, though only very rarely from students. By the very nature of the hierarchical structure of a university, the background of knowledge and experience of teachers’ is much greater than that of their students. Therefore, teachers have a greater influence on the lives of students than vice versa. But let me come right out and admit it: medical student Feizal Zavahir influenced my life and career much more than I did his.

Singing Talent

It was an event having to do with Feizal’s phenomenal singing talent that launched me on my “musical career” such as it is. (Frankly, for nepotistic reasons I feel, my serious, musical, religious, and therefore truthful kinsman Dr. Leo Fernando, in a recent letter on music he published in The Island, actually referred to me an old inveterate medic, as “maestro Carlo Fonseka”. But let that go). As I was saying, the seminal event in question was this. Feizal persuaded me to allow him to sing at a variety entertainment held on Feb. 23, 1969, a song I had composed. It was mournful dirge about unrequited adolescent love, which I had composed not for public performance but as a form of personal catharsis. As it happened, Feizal’s rendition of the song received a tumultuous ovation from the packed hall of medical students. Believing the evidence of my senses I became convinced that the song must have had some aesthetic merit. So much so that when rising singing star of that time, Victor Ratnayake, the current musical legend, who had heard about my musical avocation asked me for a song to perform on one of his radio programs, I confidently offered the dirge Feizal had sung. I have noted in my music book that Victor Ratnayake recorded the song on April 4, 1972. And so began my musical journey of a lifetime which led to my cassette of 13 songs called “Carlochitha gee” produced in 1992. A few of those songs, in particular, “Raththaran Duwe” has become popular beyond my wildest expectations. In 2006 I released an album of 19 songs which has been well received by the public. Now near my end, I have no doubt that if I am not instantly forgotten after I am dead, it will be for nothing other than one or two of my songs. For this great gift of fleeting immortality, I owe Dr. Feizal Zavahir an irredeemable debt of gratitude.

Charity Concert

When he is not singing in his private studio Dr. Feizal Zavahir practices as a Pediatrician in the United States. Currently he is in Sri Lanka and will present a charity concert at the British School auditorium, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08 on Sunday March 18 (today) commencing at 7.30pm. Among the medley of songs he will sing in English will be one in memory of his Mama and one in memory of his Papa. They are the most moving songs of that genre I have ever heard in my long life. Believe me, if you have any music in yourself, listening to them will be an out-of-this-world musical experience.

Carlo Fonseka

Rattharan Duwe
Click above and listen to Feizal’s rendition of “Raththaran Duwe”


Shared by Deepthie

More from Praxy

Dear All

 We had a mini get together on our  recent  trip to Adelaide. Though the stay was only  for 6 nights we enjoyed it thoroughly . Meeting with Selvi and Satha,  Sonali and Annesley  and Justin and Nirmala were one of the highlights of the trip.
The day after we landed Selvi and Satha took us to show the city including the Oval and other points of interest  including beautiful cathedrals . Two days later they took us wine tasting and had a glorious time visiting wineries, picking strawberries, visiting Mount Lofty having not only wine but also coffees and lunch.They took a lot of trouble to show us around. Thank you Selvi and Satha for your wonderful hospitality.
On the Friday before we left Annesley  visited our hotel and took us to his house to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at his place. This was attended by Selvi and Satha, and also Justin and Nimala. Other friends were away on holiday and out of the country. We had a lovely time reminiscing the past. Thank you Annesley  and Sonali for the wonderful dinner and the lovely time we had at your place.
In between meeting up with batch mates we did some sight seeing visiting Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, the Botanical gardens  a replica of an Opal mine and taking a Popeye boat ride, St Francis Xavier’s  Cathedral witnessed Chinese dragon dancing as it was the  (Lunar New Year ) and of course souvenir shopping to remind us of our trip.
All good things had to end and we returned home to a freezing England but with fond  memories of the  wonderful holiday we had in Adelaide thanks to the wonderful hospitality of our wonderful batch mates. Hope you enjoy the photos of our trip.
Praxy and Ranjit

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Another Proud Moment!


Prominent Batch-Mate , fellow Jeevakite and my dear friend Esiri Karunaratne was just awarded recognition for his remarkable achievement of 42 years of service to the community as a radiologist, by the Hospital Network, UPMC, in Pennsylvania. This was the first time a Radiologist was given this award. Equally imprtant is to note the “Certificate of acknowledgement” by his children Lanka and Kolitha, who were in attendance at the ceremony.

Congratulations Esiri!

We are all proud of you.


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Lakshmi in the news

PHOTO-2018-04-23-16-51-26 copy


Dear All
This is Lakshmi Subramsniam Iyer being  awarded The Meritorious Award on 11th April2017. This was granted by the ANZCP( Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry)for  her outstanding contribution to the mentally ill patients in the State of  Victoria .
I think this is great considering the fact that she is not a college member.Though she is quiet she does her work exceedingly well and deserves every praise for her wonderful work.

“Burrowing Owl”

Deep in the Burrow


This Image was just awarded a white ribbon in the 2018, 2nd Triannual Florida State (FCCC) Digital photo compettition. The photo shows a “Burrowing Owl” , native to Marco Island, Florida, where my dear friend Wimal Fernando lives.

Burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) are so named because they live underground in burrows that have been dug out by small mammals like ground squirrels and prairie dogs. Current burrowing owl population estimates are not well known but trend data suggests significant declines across their range. Most recent official estimates place them at less than 10,000 breeding pairs.

Burrowing owls are distributed from the Mississippi to the Pacific and from the Canadian prairie provinces into South America. They are  found in Florida and the Caribbean islands. Burrowing owls have disappeared from much of their historic range.

Wimal Head Shot

Thank you Wimal for being my tour guide in your neighborhood this summer!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Burrowing Owls- day 2--8 am -IMG_3531 (3)Burrowing Owl - ++day 1-IMG_3315

Additional Photos  of Owls in Marco Island shared by Deepthie

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