Dancing Peacock

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Dear All
I managed to take this short video of the peacock dance when we were in Anuradhapura . It was so beautiful to watch .
We stayed in Ulagalla villas and they were superb with each with its own swimming pool.The next time  you are in Anuradhapura you must stay in one of these beautiful villas . You can have total relaxation and the staff and the food were fantastic .We did a safari and a unique feature of that was driving in the water and having breakfast seated on the edge of the water.
Deepthie you must go there definitely and you will be able to see many birds and plenty of peacocks on the grounds as well. I will send you more photos of the birds.

Another version of “hand puppetry”

This video doesn’t exist


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Batch ’64 Entertainment

We have posted two calypso music items for your enjoyment the first is submitted by Seelan as a  Hill Billy Poem named “Shame & Scandal in the Family”

Click below






The second is from Sam. It is  a very old Sinhala calypso with english lyrics. supported by an  ensamble of  interesting musical instruments.

Vocalist Mariazelle Goonatileke Click below,




Batch ’64 Music feature


Hope you enjoy this new feature ” Batch’64 Music Videos” I will publish any type of entertainment Video’s that you think that batch mates might  enjoy. Please forward them to my personal Email address, painrxsam@yahoo.com. Click above for one of the most popular  Hindi songs ever done , with amazing cinematography. Hope you like Sahrukh Khan! Enjoy.

Love to hear your feed back positive or negative


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