Fairies descent to Beruwala

Dear Sam,
Two fabulously pretty ladies from the most prestigious batch
Did inaugurate the 64 entry batch RU 2018, by cutting the cake
Rest of luminous fairies jubilantly enchanted the arena, with their presence
What a batch, what a party and what a pride was for everyone to be a part




When delightful angels drop themselves the whole arena illuminates
That was exactly what happened, in Beruwala for three exciting days
Certainly the occasion was brilliant as if thousand sparkles had fallen
Thank you for all the pretty maidens who chose to enlighten the place

Ariya Head shot

Passekuda Trip

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Passekuda Trip .

Many thanks to  Praxy and  Rani for organising this  real fun bus trip to
Passekuda .

We had a great drive   in the rain , on Sunday morning . This did not
prevent us from having a good time in the bus .
Faisal Zavahir very kindly gave us three Cd’s + a set of song sheets  to go
with it  specially done for the bus trip ,of the songs he  sang at the
Friday night BBQ dinner .
 Praxy kept time with the little symbols – we all had a great sing along .

 Then, there was a loud card game at the front of the bus ,while those
sleepyheads at the back took a nap, despite the noise in the front !
We stopped for a bit of lunch on the way and  I had my very first Lion
Larger- as Damayanthie told me, ‘ drink it Deepthie – I tell you, it is good
! ” so I trusted her and had my first sip ,and the rest is history . !

Then we reached Passekuda a bit late into the evening-  due to the rain
all along the drive up there .
Saturday morning –  Voila !!- The  sun came out   and so did we , and the
sun was with us, till we left on Tuesday morning .
What did we do ?
Just R and R !!–  Went for beach walks, , boat rides, talked with local
fisher men,  and generally had Fun in The Island In The Sun !

I will send a video clip of the Sing Along in the Bus — – if I can get it
across to Sam .
In the meantime, just enjoy the photos .
Oh by the way-    the guys convinced me to drink Pol Arrakku-  ” It is good
for you Deepthie – take a sip ” so said Gaspar and Shauket .   The  sweet
mild taste  was  confirmed by Damayanthie – my trusty room mate for 4
nights- at Eden and  Amaya .
Again- the Rest is History !!


Eagle in The Island in the Sun .

Fascinating Historical Information

Dear Sam,

I came across the website below recently. I am not sure if you or any other batch mates have seen it before. But it appears to be full of ‘useful’ historical info.

If you feel its something worth posting on the web, please do so.


Thank you very much for your efforts to keep the web going and for helping organise the recent RU. I had not intended to attend it for personal reasons, but having attended, it opened my eyes (yet again)  to what a wonderful bunch of people (human beings) our batch is.


With best wishes,


Click below,


Worthy Cause

IMG_2014 copy


Our visit to see Chandra Rodrigo
It was a seminal occassion when we gatheted round our mate Rodrigo
What struck was how meticulously well,  he is cared by his wife, Rohini
A huge organisational effort and Rodda is breaking MND survival records
Having completed eight years, tracheostomy ventilated and fed via tubes

His brain power is amazing, just like the student days, very sharp and succinct
Recognised all of us & via is regular attendants all daily events are well recorded
Knows everything happening in the world and does not miss his favourite cricket
Rohini, Rodda’s wife doing a Hurculian job & was grateful for our visit and the gift


A  special word of thanks must be inserted here for our mate Annesley
For inserting a chunk of our medical student days in his fab autobiography
And to donate the entire  collection  of his book sale, ably helped by Praxy
A fine example how everyone enthusiastically contributes to a cause worthy

Ariya De Silva

Join Feizal and sing along




Dear Sam,

Here are the words to the song that you can send to all who are coming. You can send it with the attachment of the Song that Eddie sent. This way everyone can join.

(Feel free to cut and paste on  paper or your digital device)


Old friends are best   

         I always remember when I was young those words my father would say

Be kind to the people you meet in this life

And help them along on their way

For each has their troubles their own tale of woe

And each has a story to tell

A good wish a smile a kind word or two

Will help to brighten their day



Old Friends are best that’s what the old folks say

When put to the test old friends are best

They’ll stand by you come what may

Old Friends are best that’s what the old folks say

When put to the test old friends are best

You’ll be my old friend someday


            New friends are fine but like a good wine

     They only get better with age

     In the blink of an eye, the years all go by

    With every turn of lifes page

   Trouble and strife we’ll meet in this life

  And we all must go on till the end

  But in good times or bad, happy or sad

 There’s nobody like an old friend

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