“Birthday Salutations”



Dear Batch mates,

Since its inception following the October 2014, great reunion, this blog has continued to provide a medium of communication for its members. I am grateful to those who have kept it “alive” with periodic contributions and comments to help us stay connected. I am happy to report that since launching it  we have had 14,500 views, from 7 countries.

This year I am planning to update the site with some more features. I will be clearing up some of the older posts and adding new posts as I receive them. I would like to hear from you with updates about your life events, preferably inclusive of  pictures.One suggestion  this year comes from Ariya and Praxy to start a “Birthday Salutation Feature”. This involves recognizing batch mates on their Birthdays as they come up. In order to make it a success we need you to participate in it by submitting your Birthdates with a recent photos. Nothing is more boring than a blog post without imagery. So I hope you will join us by sending this info to either Praxy De Saram or Ariya. Their addresses are listed  below,

I would also request that you click on the “follow” icon on the top righthand  of the home page to support the blog.

ariyaratne@aol.com (Ariya)

desarampraxy@gmail.com (Praxy)

painrxsam@yahoo.com (Gunasiri)

With Best Wishes for 2017,


Gunasiri (Sam ) Samarasinghe


11 thoughts on ““Birthday Salutations”

  1. Oops- Penetang- is me Deepthie .
    I dont know how the word Penetang got into this .
    Gunasiri- anyway you can delete this name and replace it with ‘eagledeepthie ‘ ?

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  2. Dear Sam, it is due to your affection, commitment and farsightedness to our batch
    ours became the first medical batch in Sri Lanka, to be blessed with a dedicated web site.
    Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the same.
    I plead with all my mates to take this opportunity and use ’64 website more frequently
    as their prime mode of intercommunication, especially as we all are passing our twilight years.


    • Yes I agree with Ariya. Sam has been wonderful with his great computer skills and we are reaping the fruits of his hard work….. being able to communicate with batch mates in a very easy manner is excellent. It is lovely to see so many responding to Ariyas request for birthdays and batch mates wishing the each other on their birthdays. I am sure many more will join and this blog is the first thing I look forward to when I open my laptop. Well done Ariya and Sam

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  3. Dear friends,
    Just to let you know that Ranjit and I will be visiting Wimal Fernando in Marco Island from the 11th February to the 18th . If any of you are around then it would be nice to meet up. Praxy


  4. Dear Praxy,
    That is wonderful news. Have a lovely trip. I am pleased you are planning to return to the green pleasant land before our scheduled trip to Sydney to taste fine hospitality of Jean and Seelan.
    Please give our best wishes to my good friend Wimal when you meet him.

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  5. Marco Island !- what a lovely place to live and visit .
    Wimal- you are truly blessed to live there !

    Make sure you all go and visit the Burrowing Owls- that have made a home in Marco Island .
    it is now a real tourist hot spot – with special protection to the Burrowing Owls .

    I wish I could join you guys …
    have fun .
    deepthie .

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