New Year Treat!

Happy New Year to ALL of you , scattered around the Oceans !

Here is what  I did to celebrate the End of The Year 2021– > Turned my
self into a Rock Hugger ! I just

I just needed some fun thing to do , to keep my Mind Alive !!

Put on my rubber rain boots, walked into the water ,   up to my ankles only
– ( usually higher than up to my short knees,  ) Hugged The Face Rock — as
I call it .
I had earlier taken The Face Rock to the Optometrist and The Dentist !!!

I had neighbors who kindly came over to see ” if Mary is alive or dead ‘ !-

I gave them my camera ,  and took a few pics.

 I have this habit of walking around the yard, with the camera in the
pocket–  , as One Never Know what you see, when you Open a Box of
Chocolates !!

So, Let The New Year be Like a Box of Chocolates – You Never Know what you
get till you Open It  — so said some one !

Lets Hope we all get to eat Good Chocolates in 2022 .

If all goes well,  and the Chocolates are Good — I will end up in The
Island in The Sun – Sept- Oct –

Have A Happy New Year 2022.

Eagledeepthie .

 By the way- the water was warm !– still flowing , and will be so for the
next 4 wks or so — thanks to Climate Change .


 I was actually on the beach, picking pebbles for Ananda, who uses them in his 50 + indoor flower pots, to prevent fruit flies from laying eggs . The pebbles act as a ‘stone mulch ‘ .

I will go sometime later in the month to see Indira and Ana .

Owl Stories

1. Snowy Owl

Hi Sam,
I took these pic y’day afternoon, while on a Snowy Owl Prowl —  The Snowy
looking at ALL of us, seems to be  Wishing ALL of us a Happy and Healthy New
year !

If you can , attach these two photos to the Web Greeting .

The Snowy was on the spruce tree top , some distance away from the street .

It suddenly flew over , , pecked on the head of a red tail hawk, who was
perched on a telephone pole across the road ,  and told it  ” get off my
territory ” !
The hawk found an alternative perch on the wire, about 200 yds away .

 The Snowy then perched it self on the  pole for about 20 mins .
The Snowy then returned to the top of the spruce tree .

Fascinating scene- stuff of Nat Geo — just that it happened so fast, I was
lucky just to get this one on just One Click !
keep well All of you !!


Owleagledeepthie .

2.Burrowing Owl

I took this shot of a burrowing owl two years ago while on a visit to see my good friend Wimal Fernando in Marco Island, Florida. I was fortunate to have received a blue ribbon by the State of Florida Camera Club Council in one of the tri annual photo contests.

Burrowing owl is one of the smallest owls in Florida.(9 inches tall and 21 inches of wingspan) They live in open treeless areas and can be spotted easily.

These owls are considered “Threatened” species by the State of Florida

They live in  burrows in the ground and can be destroyed by the heavy floods as well as development and construction activities in their habitat. 


“A Tribute to our Obstetricians”

My dear friends of Entry batch sixty four,
Expectations and concerns over unborn lives

Even more, if mums do carry,  multiple babies
Mental  agony, Obstericians daily do go through 
Felt surely, by non other, only by a similar fellow 
Ups and downs of a life of an Obstetrician 
    Thousands of babies are daily born
     Not sparing night, day or every morn,
    Wriggling mothers in agonizing pain,
    Do await for the touch of an Obstetrician
   Just on time,  as an intervention divine
   Healing all worries, arrives the Obstetrician
  My dear mates, Your loving care and touch,
  To the mother in pain sure did  mean so much!
 Flocked on  the corridor & outside the door
The kith and kin headed by hubby, you adore
Each takes a  sigh of relief, ‘ the doctor is here’
I know my mate,  burden is ours, none to share
When  things go well, everyone is beaming & happy
Congratulations you offer to the enthusiastic hubby
‘Both mother and child well & everything is normal’
Those words are to the kith & kin are sweet as honey!
However it isn’t  always a bed of tosses for the doctors
When things do not go smoothly ours is a lonely place
Situation certainly is exaggerated for the Obstetricians
Normality expected, if derailed, unbearable is darkness
To Obstetricians there is no difference in day or night
Such long hours we worked even old dog barks at sight
Saviours we were, who helped   the nations  to expand
An obstetricians is the most humane creation of The God!
Ariya Head shot
Ariya de Silva 
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