Urgent – SLMA Covid Sahana

Dear Sam
As you are aware, Sri Lanka is in a rather serious situation with COVID -19 right now. And no vaccines.Today the Sri Lanka Medical Association launched the SLMA COVID Sahana fund to collect funds for a variety of activities. 
The objectives are:

1.    To provide necessary support to healthcare institutions of the Ministry of Health, providing clinical care to COVID-19 patients

2.    To provide education to the public on prevention and management of COVID-19 infection

3.    To support the National Vaccination Programme to vaccinate 70% of the total population 

4.    To provide relief to Healthcare workers affected by COVID-19 infection

5.    To support capacity building of healthcare staff on prevention and treatment

6.    To provide financial assistance to children of families affected by COVID-19 long-term. Flyer is attached. More information on the initiative can be obtained via the following link;

Prof .Anoja Fernando.


Read the description below before you open this video

In this orchestra, there is a woman who is playing an instrument called the Theremin.
It is a quantum instrument played solely by the energy from one’s hands. The instrument creates a magnetic field which is played without being touched and emits a sound which resembles the human voice. 

The thereminist moves her hands in the proximity of two metal antennas. The distance from one antenna determines frequency (pitch), and the distance from the other controls amplitude (volume). … The theremin uses the heterodyne principle to generate an audio signal. This instrument is notoriously difficult to master. 

The Theremin was invented by Leo Theremin, a Russian who, in 1920, presented it to Vladimir Illich Ulianov, alias Lenin. Lenin was so impressed by its sound; he ordered 600 instruments to be produced. Lenin sent Leo on a voyage to introduce this instrument to the world. Only three countries in the world have music schools that teach the Theremin – Russia, Japan and Ireland. 

Listen, it’s original and beautiful.



Enjoy this in house production.

Thanks, Feizal, Deepthie and Lakshman Watawala

An appeal of a bird

I  am a mother of three ‘mouths’  in a  nest
Can you  for a moment  think of my plight,
They are new &  tiny, yet cute and  perfect
Do not aim stones at us, is my kind request 

Newly born lot is   eternally  hungry 
My task as  mum is tough and lofty
If you  are after meat, I am very puny
And there’s none to feed my kids tiny
Know that, I am blessed with a lovely coat
Of green feathers & look attractive, very smart 
If you want to show case me, in a cage of iron
I shall willing fly into it, when my kids are grown 
A bird mother!

Posted by Ariya