Memories of “1989 Batch Reunion”

Video #2

Dear Colleagues,
I just received 8 video clips originally recorded during the 1989 Batch Reunion , when Batchmates with their spouses and children from world over gathered in Warrington UK, to celebrate 20th year anniversary of graduation from Medical School. Due to the size of the files, I will post them in instalments.
In addition to the creator Thusan Kumaraswamy, we are thankful to Asokan for his efforts to locate and digitise these analog files after 32 years. When you view these images, most faces are quite recognisable, but sadly some are no longer with us.

Editorial note: I am having difficulties accommodating these huge files due to WordPress storage limitations. So I will be deleting older uploads to make room for the new ones. If any of you would like copies for your personal use please email me privately.