Empathy.The goodness in all of us.

Here is a story that I like very much.From Penury to fame,and the players are from different backgrounds.The warm feelings generated watching the clip is because, intrinsically we are all good.What makes us bad? A point to ponder.! Eddie.

This video doesn’t exist


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Where am I?

Where am I. ?
Can you tell me who I am ? And then, I can tell you more about my interesting story.I have a name, although forgotten by many and I am 94 years old.



I think , this is the new bridge .
You can see the old bridge next to it .
I did not walk on the old bridge, but, had the driver of my car, drive me
up and down the new  bridge and took a neat video of it .
The immense steel construction spanning the bridge, just fascinated me .

Eddie- I think this is it –
I was able to view it on Dr Google.
I am going to wait to read YOUR story on it, which will be better than Dr
Google’s  Story !

Deepthie .

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