A regal woman.Beauty& Brain.

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Hi, This is an old clip.Here, we have a woman who has it all,talking sense.Why can’t all Arab women be like her.?The answer is to educate all marginalised women and the world will be a better place.Women must take the leadership of the family and make it safe for them and the rest of the world.Eddie.


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Elderly Male Bull elephants “don’t bred, they just fight”killing each other.  During
“ Musth “ the bull elephants are aggressive. Fights take place when the  challenger challenges the male guarding he female, resulting in killing each other.Is this an example of this behaviour?
Amazing gratitude shown by the herd to the dead leader

This is the heartbreaking moment a herd of elephants gathered to pay their last respects to their dead leader.
Footage shows the animals surrounding the carcass on the banks of a lake near Anuradhapura, close to the Kalawewa reserve in Sri Lanka.

Some of the elephants use their trunks to caress the fallen giant, which had been killed by a rival.

According to the villagers interpretation t he female elephant caressing the carcass in the clip  is the female culprit of the dilemma…

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A song for our reunion.

Dear Colleagues,I am sharing this beautiful Irish song as the words are appropriate for our reunion.Very enjoyable with a glass of wine as in the video.!!Irish songs always tug at heart strings.Trudi Lalor,from Portlaoise makes it a lovely singalong.Perhaps,Faizel Zavahir can make the reunion memorable with this song.Enjoy.Eddie

Whakatane Heads.New Zealand.August 2018.

Hi colleagues,It is a winter’s day in Whakatane where we live.I thought of sharing what it looks like today at 2.30PM .I have panned the camera 360 from R to L.As it pans to the end of the rock face and in the gap between the Little Rock,on the horizon is White Island our active volcano 20 kms out at sea.As the camera pans further the Pacific Ocean comes into view where the Whakatane river reaches the sea.On the horizon is whale island.At the river mouth is the rock on which the statue of Wairaka is set.She is said to have shouted O’ Whakatane to the  women on board as her boat drifted away to the sea on their first landing.( the men were ashore)Interestingly, Whakatane means “ be like a man”!.Further left the town comes into view and on the horizon is mount Edgecumbe,an inactive volcano.!!.Nature abounds where we live and Captain Cook at first sighting named our bay, the bay of plenty.Whakatane lies in the middle of the bay of plenty of the North Island of NZ.All this beauty is just a walk away from where we live.Eddie.

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