Our history by Matt baker.45 minutes.Well researched.


Dear colleagues,

We must all agree that we are a priviledged batch,for several reasons. We were born just before our nation was granted independence.We have seen our country evolve from Ceylon to Sri Lanka.We have experienced all the changes that have happened since then.Thanks to Sam,as the Colombo batch of 1964 we are still able communicate through our site.

This youtube clip of our history is one of the best that I have come across especially because the time lines are clear and the history is well researched.I am sharing this as it concerns all of us and in my opinion should be viewed by every youngster from Point Pedro to Dondra head.When the next generation is able to view, understand and are able to do their own research on every aspect of our history, is when we will all be in for better times.

My comments are,

1. Prime minister Rajiv Ghandhi is incorrectly referred to as president.

2.The visit of Zheng He,is mentioned but not detailed.The issue was over the installation of the tri lingual tablet ( Arabic, Persian and Tamil),which Zheng wished to install in Galle. (1410) .The king of Kotte, Alakeswara did not allow this.In retaliation (1411). Zheng captured Alakeswara and took him prisoner to China and in his place installed Parakramabahu the V1.In turn Sri Lanka became a vassal state of China and continued to pay yearly tributes to China until 1456.This is an interesting piece of history which is not well known to many.

3. The video of the children from the estate sector is heart warming.It is a great effort to upskill this group of children who deserve better for their fore fathers have been the backbone of our tea industry from the begining.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did. Regards to all. Eddie.

Looks like monkeys are taking over our lives.!

Does this picture not remind us of life in general.? Is the elder monkey reading? Is it the end of term school report.? The worried look on the young one as he sits patiently by this parent is telling..Is he about to be reprimanded for a poor end of term school report.? Enjoy the pic.You may have other interesting captions.Please share.

Posted by Eddie

Thank God for little girls, for without them, what will little boys do.

Hi Colleagues, I saw this clip a few days ago and thought of sharing it with you all, especially to families with daughters as this is a special celebration of a happy family and a daughter who loves her parents.The words are touching and the melody is good.Some of the words in the song are becoming obsolete.There will be few men, who will still open car doors and entrance doors for their partners.! In lighter vein, she may have to look for a door man.!! For those of you who have daughters,it may be nostalgia.Enjoy. Eddie.

Best wicket keeper,ever.!

Dear colleagues, The moment that I saw this clip , I wanted to share this with you all. To me this is quintessential Sri Lanka. A family cricket game on home turf.! Look at the girl,she is definitely a blossoming leftie and the boy a class bowler. Many of us have memories of such home games,but I do not know of anyone who had a better wicket keeper.Our trusted friend even gets back behind the wicket everytime,after fetching the ball.Memories are made of this. Enjoy the clip. Eddie.


From Carl Sagan and Michael Collins.Food for thought.The pale blue dot.Our home.

Hi Colleagues, Michael Collins, an astronaut on the Apollo 11 crew died in April this year. You will remember that although he was on the space ship Columbia, he never set foot on the moon.While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the lunar module to the surface of the moon,Collins was in the space craft 65 miles above his colleagues and 250000 miles away from home. When asked whether he missed walking on the moon,he said that during the 27 hours in 14 orbits around the moon,what he remembered most was the beauty of Earth which he campaigned to save.We seldom see our planet the way he and Carl Sagan did.The words accompanying the video is worth refecting upon. Hope you will enjoy the clip. Regards. Eddie

Is it the end of the pandemic.?Are we winning.?

Hi Colleagues,

This interesting graph from the Economist is very reassuring for now.I think we have had enough of this pandemic and it is time we look forward to a new season with hope.Some of you have had the the two doses of the vaccine and should be ready for the dawn of a new era as we welcome and share our traditional new year greetings.With best wishes for the New year and continuing good health in the years to come. Eddie.