Imagine.Thank you John& Yoko.

Hi,I am posting a song that has much meaning but would anyone of us have thought of expressing it the way John Lennon did in 1971.?In fact it was a song that Lennon wrote from inspiration from the book written by Yoko Ono in 1964 called Grapefruit.Yoko, was in many ways coming to terms with her identity as a child of mixed parents living in New York.John made Yoko’s thoughts into the best lyrics and music that the world now enjoys.Enjoy the music,with musicians from all over the world.It is in my view an everlasting favourite, waiting for Utopia.! Eddie.

Stay away from the toddy kiosk.!!

This song is in Tamil.Unfortunately it has no English subtitles.However,the song is advice from mother to her son about the harm from drinking too much palmyra toddy.To those who understand Tamil, it is an interesting song about young men and their frequent visits to the toddy kiosk which I am sure was an important feature of village life in old Jaffna.I am not sure whether this convenience is still flourishing.Fresh Palmyra toddy was always a must do item on visits to Jaffna in days gone by.! Eddie.