Welcome to the Golden RU ’64

Eden resort

Golden RU ’64
RU ’64 was truly a great success. Congratulations to the dedicated organizing committee who did a wonderful job. We have uploaded a selection of interesting pictures. If you have more pictures worth including from your own collection please forward them to this site . I have included the following tribute composed by our own Ariya Silva thanking those who helped this event possible.

Gunasiri Sam


Prelude to the Greatest Reunion, RU 64,



1.To relish and savour the past good times together spent,

Program is announced, of their ‘Reunion, Golden’

Of a proud batch of undergrads, entered in ’64,  

The Colombo medical school of world renown


2.Certainly would be a joyous jamboree

For all to rejoice, cherish, and gleefully remember

  Dates confirmed and are imprinted in our heads

  24th to 26th, & the month is October, the year is 2014 


3.The chosen venue, a hotel in Beruwala

   A lovely beach resort, named ‘Eden Spa’

   Costs and the rates made reasonable  

    Thanks to our Sam’s influence and he is a ‘star’  


4.   Professor. Anoja, wise and assertive, elected  

      Unanimously, to the committee as president

     Treasurers appointed, thrifty and trusted are  

   Jovial ‘Ranjith, astute ‘Lakshmen’, both good & efficient 


5.  The charismatic & clever CJ doing a difficult job

    Incredibly well as the communication czar 

   A set of leaders who work like beavers,

   Chosen to drum up support & play the strings of ‘RU guitar’



6. Erudite, Narme, our English scholar, the editor in chief, 

  Of the batch souvenir aided by Anoja and Lakshmen

    Whilst the philanthropist Wije, agreed to be its sponsor, 

    Support pledged by affluent and affable Aussie, Seelan 



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