8 thoughts on “Our Siva”

  1. Dear Batch mates
    I read the article to day I know the author I knew the recipient too well.
    Every word written is absolutely true.
    His demise was a real loss for the poor man
    Ranjit Almeida


  2. Dear Sam
    Thank you fot posting this article on Sivakumaran. I enjoyed reading his good qualities and just wish that we all could be like him .


  3. Thank you Sam and CJ for the article on Sivakumaran published in the news paper in SL .
    Class of 64 is Honored to have such a dedicated doctor among us , I am honored to be one of them .
    ” Attainment that is possible only through ones thoughts and conduct and not through earthy possessions or accolades .. ” .– so said in the article , written so well , describing Siva’s generous qualities as a Human Being and a Doctor .
    Spiritual Perfection to the utmost .
    May His Soul Rest in Peace with The Creator …
    Deepthie .


  4. I have heard about some of the accolades mentioned in the article about our Siva , through different sources. This article confirms what I had heard before.

    What a remarkable guy , what a remarkable physician..



  5. Thanks Prof Karunanayake for the article about Dr Sivakumaran. Nice to hear about the professional & personal ambition & achievements of Siva from his colleagues.
    I am a schoolmate, batchmate and Bloemfontein room mate of Siva. His dedication to patients is well known to everyone & I dont need to elaborate on this.
    While we were room mates, Siva was 100% dedicated to studies & he will advice me :-” Adei Seelan, Instead of fooling around just sit & study Machchan”.
    In addition to studies, soon after the 2nd MB, he spent some time writing a book on Physiology to help
    junior students & Prof Koch acknowledged his achievement.
    He also played water polo & took part in other extra curricular activities like participating in dramas & regular visits to the Bambalapitiya Hindu Temple.
    I will miss him a lot.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Om Shanti ( eternal peace) 🙏


  6. Thanks Prof. Karunanayake for the article and thanks CJ and Sam for sharing this article with our 1964 batchmates. As Deepthie said we all can feel proud spending our medical college life as batch mates along with this great man, a philosopher a good physician and a good human being. I still can remember Siva coming and knocking at my door around 11.30 pm for coffee and in return will give me his boiled egg on Fridays. I did not meet Siva after I finished medical school. When i went back to Srilanka after 23 years and tried to meet Siva, he has gone to UK for a short visit. I really miss him. May his soul rest in peace.


  7. Hi Sam & CJ
    Thanks for sharing the article by Prof karunanayake. What more can we say about Sivaku
    It was an honour that we were part of the “S” group at med school and whom we sought help for all the queries after many lectures in physiology
    Satha met him a few times after we left SL
    we are saddened by his sudden death May his soul RIP
    Satha & Selvi


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