Form response from a fan


One thought on “Form response from a fan”

  1. Dear Sanji,

    Very nice to hear from you.

    The editor/moderator/founder of our “64 batch news letter” is Dr Samarasinghe. He is doing a good job connecting all of us, for which we are very thankful. Your mum & dad have access to this newsletter.

    Your dad was a great genuine friend of mine. Not only mine, he was a friend of every one from our batch. He is very jovial with his trademark smile. We will all miss him.
    Our friendship started from our medical hostel known as Bloemfontein. Ever since we used to communicate & visit each other. His last trip to Sydney was when your uncle Mahendran’s daughter got married in Melbourne. He together with your mum & grand mother stayed with us in Sydney for about a week & had a good time. Your grand mother enjoyed the most. It was then I noticed that Naga really loved & respected his Mother in Law.
    There are so many good things & stories about Naga which many of us fondly remember.

    Our kind regards to you, your siblings & Mother Indira.
    We sadly miss him.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Seelan & Jean.


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