An Idea

Dear batch mates
Deepthie and I were thinking that we should have another batch get together this October. Thought of the first week of October as we have been having all our RUs  during this time and also the numbers have been dwindling too😢. It could be a week day as most of us rare retired or even a weekend.
Deepthie has already bought her ticket to be in SL at this time and why don’t we  try to meet  up on a hotel in Colombo … may be Renuka Hotel the first weekend of October .
Please let me know your views on this. It will be just an informal  one where we could all meet up and have a chit chat .


7 thoughts on “An Idea”

    1. Dear Indragee
      That’s a great idea and it would be nice to come there as then it does not matter how much noise we make 👌🏿 We will see how the response is .
      Thanks a lot.


  1. It is a great idea Praxy. Piching and I will give it very serious considerations. Covid curtailed our travels , but we have resumed our travels.

    Hope Ranjit and you are keeping well.



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