Mannar.The doric, flamingos and Pearl fisheries of yester year.

I saw this post on FB and thought that it deserves to be shared.Mannar has history of pearl fishery, contact with India, Baobab trees, ponies and much more.However I am fascinated by the migration of the flamingos to this part of the world from Europe.This short post is well done and merits a share. I hope you will al enjoy it.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

6 thoughts on “Mannar.The doric, flamingos and Pearl fisheries of yester year.”

  1. Hi colleagues I just saw that my post extracted from FB on the Flmingoes in Mannar and to my surprise it has other unwanted attachments which was not intended.I am sorry for having posted this from FB and I must apologise to Sam and all the others for this.The youtube clip that I intended to share was a brief documentary and it was well done but what appears is another version with many other unwanted stuff. Such are the mysteries of the internet.!!.Deepthie sent me a clip from her collection and it was excellent. If Sam can post it instead it will be good. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Regards. Eddie.


  2. Hi Eddie
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful video, something unknown to many of us and not even taken advantage of by the Tourist Board to promote Bird watching tourism for both foreigners and locals.


  3. Thanks for the post Eddie,
    It’s an amazing piece of bird photography, someone posted in You tube without any creator logo. So, now only You tube owns it and it wants the credit if anyone tries to republish it. I tried many times to post the video only, without success. Great video about Mannar!


  4. Eddie,
    Fantastic Clip you submitted. Great information. I did not even dream, Mannar had this amount of fantastic stuff. Thanks for the education.



  5. Just got to see the video posted by Eddie. Very nice account of the Flamingos in Mannar and superb videography.

    Thanks for the post.



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