Celebration of life

Dr. S. Naganathar MCGP(SL), JCPTGP (UK)

Sad News

Dear All
I had an email from Indra that her husband passed away last evening . He has had a fall and  fractured his hip and following this he had been to St George’s hospital where other complications had set in and he had been in a lot of pain.  

12 thoughts on “Celebration of life”

  1. Dear Indira & family,
    Please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of my great friend. He was always a genuine friend. We did many things together ever since I met him which I cannot forget. My last communication with him was by email on 28/04/21 before your daughter‘S wedding. I cannot forget the days you , Naga & your mum stayed with me in Sydney. We all had a wonderful time like days we were together in Bloemfontein.
    I will miss him a lot.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Seelan and Jean.


  2. Dear Indra

    We pray for Naganathan’s soul to be with our Almighty Lord and bless you
    all the comfort you all need now and the best for all of you all the time.

    Many of us cannot forget the interesting life we had at Bloemfontein.He was my
    Room Mate also when we were doing internship at The General Hospital in Anuradhapura.
    We were having lot of fun at that time also.

    Maha, Selvam and Thiyagamoorthy are joining me in our prayer.


  3. Dear Indra,
    Just want to let you know that you have my heartfelt condolences during this difficult time.


  4. Dear Indra , Piching and I were saddened by the news of Naga’s passing. We convey our heartfelt sympathies to you and your loved ones.

    Nisantha and Piching


  5. Dear Indra ,
    Sorry to hear of the passing of Naga.
    Our heartfelt sympathies to you and your loved ones.
    May he rest in peace.

    Dalpe & Priyankarie


  6. Dear Indra,
    Please accept my deepest sympathies on the death of Naga.
    We had a good time together at Bloem and it was very nice to renew our contact at the last batch reunion.


  7. Dear Indra,
    Please accept my deepest sympathies on the death of Naga. It is very sad news. Look after your self, Swarna



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