Thinking of You

Dear friends in US
So sad to see the arctic conditions in US : We hope you are ok .
Saw Buffalo and New York and were shocked to see the amount of snow . Maithri I hope you are ok and Selva hope you are all well wrapped up .
Our thoughts are with you all.
Praxy and Ranjit

4 thoughts on “Thinking of You”

  1. Thanks Praxy and Ranjith for your thoughts. I share them.
    I spoke to Dharma yesterday and he was okay although they had experienced temperatures of -31C. This is a world away from what we are experiencing in UK. I thought the -7C we had in Durham a few days ago was really bad. The US experience puts all this in a different light.
    I hope all this will come to an end soon.
    with love and blessings to all those affected,


  2. Thanks very much for your concerns. We have had subzero temperatures here in the mid west but have stayed indoors and fairly warm. But other areas have been badly hit with freezing temps.



  3. Thanks Praxy and Ranjit for your concern and kind remarks. Our thanks for your concern CJ and Seelan.
    We are okay. We did not have much snow but the temps went down to – 20 degrees F. We in Pittsburgh are prepared for this kind of weather and it was another winter day with cold temps.

    Nisantha and Piching


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