Fungi World

Interesting info- Did you know this?,  
Shared by  
 C J Amarasuria


Thanks C J for this facinating Video. I also would like to encourage everyone to watch a movie released few years ago on this  subject either on Netflix or HBO. 

Here are some of my own image collection  of Florida fungi ,  Sam

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3 thoughts on “Fungi World”

  1. Thanks CJ and Sam for sharing this interesting post on Bioluminiscence in plants and animals ( fireflies).Luciferin and luciferase came into concern in the early days of the Covid pandemic when the internet came alive with posts ( incorrectly ) assuming that Moderna vaccines contained luciferase.!! By the way, Lucifersae has nothing to do with the fallen angel mentioned in the bible. It is based on the latin word ,lux for light and ferre to to carry/ transport, hence luciferase, a transporter of light. ! Eddie.


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