15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjani!”

  1. Hi Ranjani, wish you a very happy birthday filled with joy & contentment. Glad to have met you at the mini-reunion in Colombo


  2. Dear Ranjani,
    Many happy returns of the day. Enjoy the day with family and friends. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous future.


  3. Dear Ranjani
    It was great to have met you the other day
    And reunite with Deepthie another “ good convent girl” 👧 from school days .
    So here’s wishing you many happy returns of the day 🎂🎊
    With all the blessings as we sing hip hip hurray . 🎉🎉
    Praxy and Ranjit


  4. Dear Ranjani
    This wish is from Deepthie who apparently is unable to log onto the Blog.,
    She wishes you a great birth day full of enjoyment and fun and contentment and happiness not only for today but gut many years to come .
    From Deepthie


  5. This message is from Deepthie

    Happy Birthday My Dear Ranjani – my Forever The Good Convent Girl Friend from grade 6, Med School pal, Ragama Co- Ho and Room mate of Lower Quarters .
    We are still kicking around, enjoying our years now, almost getting past the Seventies !!
    It was sooooo nice meeting up with you my dear Ranjani, at Renuka, and later at Praxy’s condo, over looking the old school !
    We will meet again – next year for sure !
    Till we Meet Again — Happy Birthday !
    Deepthie .


  6. Many happy returns of the day Ranjani. Piching joins me to wish you all the best now and years come.
    Nisantha and Piching


  7. Thanks to all my dear batch friends.specially to Deepthi my long lasting school friend and dear Praxy from the convent too.As Deepthi says good convent girls.till we meet again next year.A v.happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all too.love Ranjani


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