RU-22 !

Hi my dear Sam ,
Here is a brief ‘write up ‘ on the Class of 64 Gathering in Colombo-
October – 2022, along with some photos .
I have sent this to a few people, others can see it on the blog .

——- Here are a few pics taken when a few of us gathered at Renuka, on
two separate occasions ,   at Renuka City Hotel for Lunch .
After two years of Covid and other issues plaguing  the world as we know it
today, we were glad to be with each other again .

Life is Short .

The first was Oct 8th – with Abey , Praxy and my self from over seas .
We have the Three Good Convent Girls, ( Praxy, Ranjani and my self )
then, the gp photo at Renuka .
By then, Abey had left , and we were very glad to have him with us, even
for just a little while .
The guys – Abey , Laki Senanayake,  Ajith and Kumar .
We enjoyed each others company and a great Bath Curry meal !

The second time we met was today – Oct 21- again, at Renuka for a nice
hopper feed for lunch .
Nirmalee and little grand daughter were with us, for just a short while,
and they left.
It was nice to see Nirmalee and the little one , even if it was a for a
short while . — Thank you Nirmalee .

Narme , Ranjith Almeida and Roshie , Ranjith Perumal  were there with me an
Praxy , for the rest of the afternoon  , that was filled with fun talk,
jokes, pranks , each one contributing some wild tale of good old days  !

It was sooo , sooo good to see each again , for who knows, who will be
around next year .
Praxy and my self we plan to come again next year ,  mid October , for yet
another round of Class of 64 Gathering in Colombo .

Praxy and my self, we plan to make this trip, yearly, till  we die, and if
any one is willing to join us next year, you are most welcome .!!!!

Keep well – Good Wishes to Class of 64– eagleD .

Please add on – Anoja and Rose  as the gals that came on the 8th , and also – Gita Senanayake .

4 thoughts on “RU-22 !”

  1. Hi Deepthi

    Thanks for the photos again. Yes, it was great to meet again.

    By the way, you forgot to mention that in addition to the “three good convent girls” there were two more (? bad) girls on the 8th for lunch – one convent and one non-convent. Just joking.



  2. so nice to see friends gathering and enjoying themelves.
    very nice pictures of friends ageing gracefully.
    hope we all could meet up again.
    love paul


  3. Great Photos of Good looking Young & Healthy Batchmates – “Touch wood”
    Palmyrah Restaurant is fantastic. Famous for Hoppers & “Kool”( Sea food soup – Jaffna style).
    We had dinner with some batchmates when we went on a coach tour around Srilanka with relatives from Malaysia in 2017.


  4. Thanks for the post Sam and Deepthi for sharing these lovely photos. It appears all of you had a great time. Are we aging gracefully , Yes ! indeed . We only have to look at your pictures Deepthi. Everyone looks great.

    Hopefully Piching and I will be able to join the crowd at a later gathering.

    All the best .



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