Inaugural Test Squad

Memories from the past. Bit of nostalgia.

Those who watched the match will remember how they did us proud. I still remember the commentators waxing lyrical about Wettimuny’s batting and the grace with which he acknowledged his century.

2 thoughts on “Inaugural Test Squad”

  1. I was there at the match in 1982. I still have the commemorative cap I wore. The slogan on the cap says “I was there”. When Arjuna was batting, the “oldish” man (I was “youngish” then) seated behind me in the pavilion kept chanting “Arjuna puthe, gahapang puthe”.

    I was there at the Oval in August 1998 too, when Sri Lanka beat England for the first time. I took two huge Sri Lankan flags with me from home. I had to take them folded in my handbag to the grounds because flag poles were not allowed (to prevent hooliganism). The British spectators really enjoyed and appreciated our team’s performance. C J – you would have been there too, I guess.



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