Judith Durham and Olivia Newton John.


This week two Australian greats passed away. I am sure we all remember them as they were the stars we watched during our youthful years. I have attached a song by Judith Durham and the Seekers, as it has much meaning and I have enjoyed listening to it many times. The words, ” I am, you are, we are” are strikingly close to one’s heart. The song is a uniter and I always thought that our motherland should also have one like it to make all people who live in the country feel a part of the land they live in.It maybe a Utopian dream.! What do you think.? Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “Judith Durham and Olivia Newton John.”

  1. Hello Eddie,
    Thanks for the clip. You are correct!!!. “I am, You Are & We are” binds together, to a split divided community. Wish we are all thinking, for once, the same. Great melody.



  2. Thanks Eddie for the video. I do agree with you about a similar song for Sri Lanka to unite all Ethnic communities. Actually if we look at the words of our National Anthem , it is right there. “ Eka mavakegu daru kala bavina “ ( Like the children of one mother ). Has it helped over the years ? No.

    I do not think a song is going do it. The present crisis in Sri Lanka brought together all different ethnic groups together to topple the government as one unit. Hopefully this unity will continue.

    After all Sri Lanka hit rock bottom. There is is no place for the country to go down any further. Every soul in Sri Lanka and perhaps most folks around the world have realized what corrupt politicians can do to a country. This is obviously the turning point and everyone should work towards getting educated , cultured , caring ,politicians into the Sri Lankan parliament to bring the country to prosperity.



    1. Thanks Nisantha for your comment pointing out the words in our national anthem.To be honest, I never knew that it exists and in the correct context of the words


  3. Thanks Eddie for sharing this wonderful video ! Totally agree that the words in this song which are so true and applicable to many countries in the world today including Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA with people from different cosmopolitan backgrounds taking over positions of leadership and making a mockery of what politicians back home in SL created with divisions over ethnicity, religion, language, race for the sheer benefit of our corrupt politicians who ruined our beautiful country !


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