Mini RU

Kellas  and One Kolla of The Sixties, in Their Seventies !!

Shared By Deepthie

Deepthie 1

—– Here are some nice pic taken at my place, when Indira, Ananda and
Indrani came for a wonderful Day Trip to my place .
It was a real nice ‘ Mini RU ‘– thanks to Indrani and her grand daughter,
who decided to make the trip to Ontario, from Wisconsin , for a one week
stay .

Here you see, all of us on the beach, next to my home, and Ananda had a
blast being a real Gal Hora and there was no security/ customs check on
departure !
He loves rocks- -just like I do, and had his fill , filling up bags of
rocks from the beach .

Indrani, my self , Ana– seated on my ‘Beaver Lounge ” log stools , my ‘
Serenity Spot ‘ !

6 thoughts on “Mini RU”

  1. My dear Deepthie,Ana, Indrani & + Indira,
    Thanks for sharing beautiful photos
    Of recent Mini RU. of four great mates
    The setting, fauna & flora are topclass
    it is pleasing to see happy, healthy mates


  2. Dear Deepthie
    Thanks for the photos . It’s always nice when batch mates post photos on the Blog of their mini reunions :
    Deepthie are you up fir a mini RU in October in SL?
    I am planning to go there on the 2 nd October come what may and soon hope to book the tickets. Why don’t we all get together again in the first weekend of October as we used to do in the past RUs? I am sure the situation in SL will definitely improve . Praxy


  3. Thanks to all – Ariya, Nisantha and Praxy — for the Mini RU responses .
    We sure had a great time together .

    October travels to SL — if things get better, for travel to SL- I will be the first one to get there , no matter who is there, and who is not !
    I just continue to Live In Hope and Dreams !


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