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HI Sam,
I had this terrific moment of nostalgia, as I was watching the ‘Jaffna’
post sent in by Narme .

If you think these pic are ok for the post – please add them on . 

— Sunset Reflections …. A moment to Pause and Reflect …
— Nallur Temple with a group of young Roman Catholic Nuns — something one would never have seen in days gone by . This is the ultimate Unity in
Diversity .
I was happy to see them, and the ‘mother superior ‘ took this photo of me
with her group .

— Drive along the Kayts Causeway , Visiting the temples , Jaffna Market —
Sunset Walk along the Jaffna Fort area , were memorable moments .
Though I must say, returning to the mainland after visiting Nagadeepa and
Nagapoosani Amman Temple , in a very , very over loaded SL Navy Ferry was
some cause for anxiety- for I thought we would all perish !

— The Jet Wing Lobby photo- -the young lad- I had to take this pic as , for
me was Rajabalendran in his younger days !!!!

Rajabalendran and Maithri were very helpful to me, in the planning of this
trip and Walkers Tours did the rest with the car/ driver / accommodation etc
A most memorable trip it was for me .
Thanks again for the Jaffna Post .
Deepthie .

5 thoughts on “Trip Back in Time”

  1. Dear Deepthie
    You sure have a fantastic memory 😀. As usual you give explanation of every photo you have taken . This is great .
    Yes I do love to see your photos and the explanations as these help us to go down memory Lane .
    It is a few years since my last Jaffna trip and would love to go there again but in the present situation , it is highly unlikely .😱😱😢😢


  2. Thanks for the reply my dear Praxy .
    I had to select a few , among a hundred or so photos of the Jaffna trip !
    The memory – like it was y’day … as I can recall every minute I spent in SL over the years – from 1978- 2019 !– and the many photos I take, keeps the memory Alive and Well !

    Yes– unlikely I will be able to get there again ..
    Had to wait till I was 75 yrs old, to at least get there once before I die , so to speak , and it was a Trip of A Life Time for me .
    Again– Thanks Sam and Narme .


  3. I forgot to mention – Rajes helped me a lot to plan this trip, along with Maithri and Rajabalendran .
    Just read through Nisantha’s response to Narme’s note– about his visit 9 yrs previously .
    Interesting that he too experienced the over loaded Ferry Service from Nagadeepa to mainland .
    NO- I would not risk a plane ride –Four Wheels a lot safer , and time to stop and see and take photos along the way !

    Photos- almost a hundred of them , this is all I have now ..


  4. Deepthi,
    Good photo of the Nallur Murugan Temple. This is one of the building which was not damaged during the war. People have strong faith in this temple.
    When I was young, I used to walk about 3 miles to this temple during the annual festival. Now I cant walk 100 yards 😢


    1. Thanks Seelan for the response .
      The visit to Nallur Temple was a special moment for me .
      Thanks again to Rajes, Maithri and Rajabalendran for their input .
      I was lucky to have attended a Blessing Ceremony and had the Priest apply the Holy Ash on my forehead as you can see in the photo of me with the nuns .
      I had this on me, all through the ferry ride to Nagadeepa and Nagapoosani Amma Temple .
      Both Nallur Temple and Nagadeepa have special significance for me ,and it sure felt good to visit both these Temples .
      Thanks again for your response .
      Have a Good Winter Down Under and it is nice cool, blue sky Ontario summer over here .
      Keep well- eagleD


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