10 thoughts on “Looking for women”

  1. Dear all
    I posted this as I could not find a single woman in this picture . If any of you find any please let us know where you found them for the benefit of all.
    Many thanks .


  2. I saw them all !- -Leave it to the guys to find a woman !
    1. Lady Cell phone is real cute .
    2. There is one on the body of the main pic, on the lt side , a bit lower to the ‘cell phone lady ‘ .
    3.Next- around her belly button I think.
    4- The main picture of the lady .
    Good to know that the guys are ‘still looking ‘ !!!
    eaglewoman !


  3. I did find the four women. I do not want to give any clues. It took me less than a minute.

    Good luck everyone.



  4. OK Praxy, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Imagine the #2 woman on the belly of the #1 woman . #3 is the tiny face where the cell phone is located. The face of #4 can be imagined along the left edge of the woman’s right fore arm where you can connect the cheek, lips, nose and the eyelids in profile. Good quiz!


  5. Praxy,
    That was easy. 1) Right hand & palm. The prettiest one. 2) Left side of body facing the side, get only a profile. Nose & mouth [ profile shown well] 3) On her abdomen; The ugliest one!!. 4) The whole picture. WIMAL.


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