14 thoughts on “Best wishes to Naomi !”

  1. Dear Naomi,
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Our get together has slowed down a lot. Must meet up with Siri as well.
    Stay safe & healthy in the meantime.
    Seelan & Jean


  2. Dear Naomi, Many happy returns of the day and wish you many more happy, healthy Birthdays in years to come — From Abey ( A sig gp)


  3. happy birthday dear naomi..
    wishing you all the very best .good health and happiness
    love and best wishes .


  4. HI Naomi
    Many happy returns of the day and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead
    Have not heard from you for a while. I have misplaced your phone no.
    Could u pl let me know your email address so that we can communicate?


  5. Dear Naomi
    Happy birthday to you.
    Would have seen you here if not for the travel problems.
    Have a great time


  6. Many happy returns of the day Naomi. Piching and I wish you all the best now and years to come.

    Nisantha and Piching


  7. Happy Birthday to you my dear Naomi– coming a few days later- but better late than never !
    Wish you All The Very Best – this year, and in the coming years .
    It was sooo , sooo nice meeting up with you , Anoja, Indira- Ana, at the Puttalam Rest House back in Oct 2018, when you all were on your way to Wilpattu, and I was on my way OUT of Wilpattu , when we decided to stop over for a nice lunch !!
    It so happened that we all decided to stop at the Puttalam Rest House for lunch- and what a memorable moment that was !
    It is these little events that make good memories!!
    I hope you are doing good out there in Aust- as we dont seem see to hear from you too much .
    I do visit Indira- Ana in Toronto – and all is good with them , and I was last there about 2 wks ago .

    Keep well my dear Naomi– and lets hope we meet again soon in SL — when things settle down out there .
    Best Wishes and Happy Birthday .


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