Medical Relief

SLMA Relief Fund

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA), a responsible and leading doctors’ association in Sri Lanka, has opened a fund – SLMA RELIEF FUND – to help the health sector overcome the shortage of essential medicines and equipment. The official launch was planned for the 10th of May but had to be cancelled because of what happened on the 9th and the ensuing curfew.  Citizens and expatriate friends have already started donating to the fund.

If my batch mates would like to contribute towards this worthy cause, to help save patients’ lives, please visit the website of the SLMA Relief Fund for more information:

Thank you very much.


Dear Anoja,

Thank you for that information.
Will do the needful. 
The only practical and immediate thing we can do from abroad.
I am sure the batch of 64 will rise to the occasion.
With best wishes,

4 thoughts on “Medical Relief”

  1. Could somebody please post the steps needed to send a donation. I did use the link Anoja sent but it is not clear to me what to do next to send a donation. Thanks.


  2. Hi Cletus, I use Ria money transfer to send money to Sri Lanka and other countries . It is a very reliable company and Inhave been using them for 15 years.

    Anoja has sent the name of the establishment , the address and the bank information. You have to go to Ria and establish an account. Then you can follow the prompts and do the transfer. The fees are very cheap. Because I have used their services for so long , they charge me $2.00 and sometimes just a dollar.

    Nisantha Banda


  3. The greatest service the newly minted Saviour could render to the nation would be to persuade the Clan , who he is bed with and who he shielded from prosecution during his most recent period of stewardship, return to the national coffers the ‘loot’ stashed away. This would make far greater a dent in the budget deficit than all the donations that expats could make

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