Batchmate’s Plea

Shared by CJ

Editorial note: Although this blog has avoided including material of political nature as a general rule, CJ and I made an exception to this video as a matter of general interest to our followers. Feel free to express your views.


4 thoughts on “Batchmate’s Plea”

  1. a My dear CJ and Sam,
    Thanks for sharing news about Wije, (our good old විලිමාමා)
    He is a real gentleman, highly efficient with immense capability and a proven record of public service.
    However by not possessing ‘cut throat qualities’ Wije being far too genuine to be a politician in our motherland!

    Certainly shall give every support we can, from this end even though we have even lost the voting rights of our own country!
    Please keep me posted and I sincerely wish him luck.
    Ariya De Silva


  2. Dear Willi
    It was nice listening to all that you have achieved all these years : We are proud to call you as one of our batch mates, a dear friend and a great philanthropist . The qualities you have are admirable . I follow the events in SL very closely via YouTube and Newsfirst . My heart goes out to all the protesters who ask for only a very few simple things in life that we’ve taken for granted here in U.K.. In fact I have written a few comments too on the “Comments “ in Newsfirst . Yes we are happy to help in anyway for a better regime in SL.
    Thank you for all that you have done to our Motherland.


  3. Sam and CJ at the outset let me thank you for posting this video. The Video by our Colleague and friend , Willie maama is bit of a tear jerker. We have seen , heard and read about what is happening in Sri Lanka , but sad comments coming from one of our own is heartrending.

    This video by Willie , one of our own, as one would say ” is closer to home “.

    I know we as individuals and as a group of batch mates have helped our friends , family and the medical community financially and in kind. Our efforts are just a drop in the bucket when the people in power are cheating and pilfering the government coffers.

    As Willie says it is up to all of us to get rid of all the crooks in the government and help appoint a new government with trust worthy , honest , educated people to help the country prosper.

    I support Willie’s efforts whole heartedly , to procure a stable honest government . Thanks Wille for this video.



  4. As a close friend of Wije I want to know wht Wije was talking.Can some body translate Wije’s speach and send through for all who are unable to understand like me to understand. I really appreciated the message regarding the Teachers. Two of The Professors really helped me on personal basis.I really liked to see their photos when they were young and the other details about them. Sreetharan.


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