Mysteries at Galle Face.

Hi Colleagues,

I think, we are all asking ourselves, of what is going on in Galle Face.?The answer is not clear but the call is clear. A few days ago Victor Ivan , the journalist in a post mentions the name of Dr Pathum Kerner as the man behind the call.. I have never heard of him and hence researched him.Interestingly, he has been active on FB for quite sometime following his war time posts in Sinhala on his FB. These posts have since beenu translated into English.The title,A healer in the war zone.The memoirs of a doctor in Sri Lanka’s last Eelam war.I sourced the book and read it. Dr Pathum is the product of a burgher father and a Sinhala mother. His father died early and it was his mother who brought him up in a sinhala buddhist environment.From Kelaniya to Nalanda and Medical college. In his final year he decided to join the army to save the country from the LTTE.It is an interesting read of the experiences of a young doctor in the ” Advance dressing unit “. He has seen it all and the book is worth a read. Until he saw the suffering on both sides he did not know what the other side was about. The war taught him that everyone was the same, each fighting for their cause and the only difference was that they could not communicate effectively with each other, as the language was the barrier.He idolised Sarath Fonseka and Shavendra Silva and was comitted to the cause and was there at Nandikadel lagoon at the end of the war.

In the prologue of his book , he says ” The book is a collection of true stories….own experience….only truth…..There are some things that are better unsaid…..things that will not bring any good to the world with their disclosure…….and these will eventually be buried as someone’s memories.”

Soon after the war ended, he absconded from the Army as it would not release him.He scooted off to Singapore and worked in the Orthopaedic department of Changi hospital for 4 years. After 4 years he plucked up courage to re enter BIA from where he was taken into custody and then released after paying LKR 800,000 which was the security payment for his training.He now lives in UK, following a Masters in Public Administration in Birmingham university. He is still active on FB.In 2020 he contested as an independent from Gampaha and secured 5780 votes.He is the man behind the National Green Front.

This is an interesting story that I came across a few days ago and I thought of sharing it with all of you. To many of you, it may be old news but all the same it is invigorating to know that young people are trying to make changes.There are many young women too ,Hirunika Premachandra, Amarasuriya and Lihini Fernando and they are all worthy of mention.What the future holds.? Que sera sera.

Regards to all. Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

9 thoughts on “Mysteries at Galle Face.”

  1. Thanks Eddie.
    My brother had told me about Pathum Kerner and I have the book on my Kindle. Haven’t read it yet though.
    With best wishes to you and the family,


  2. Dear Eddie
    Thank you 🙏for your very interesting story. Reading and listening to the interesting stories appearing daily in the media I feel very sorry for these young people who are trying to bring changes to the present situation in Sri Lanka . I am so happy to see the unity between all of them irrespective of caste race religion etc and fighting for a common cause to bring prosperity to the country which is being enjoyed by only a select number .It is time their requests and demands were met . It is embarrassing to listen to the slogans and if it was me I would have stepped down ages ago as I feel self reflect is iof paramount importance. I just cannot understand why they are clinging on to power when they are not wanted and asked to “ Go home” by the same people who brought them to power.


  3. Thanks for the information Eddie. I have no knowledge about Dr.Pathum. Now you have aroused my curiosity and I have to read his book.
    The present crisis in Sri Lanka , and the hardships that the general population have to undergo is atrocious and pathetic. I cannot imagine the vast sums of money that the Rajapaksa’s have stolen from the foreign aid Sri Lanka received. They stole money from the poorest of the poor.

    I hope some of the monies could be brought back to Sri Lanka to help pay of the loans and help the alleviate the hardships facing the people.



    1. I totally agree Nisantha.If the Rajapakses bring the money stolen and banked in other countries Sri Lanka will be able to help IMF😃😃 rather than the other way round. Would t that be nice!!


  4. His vision is very idealistic for a country like SriLanka, where corruption is rampant from top to bottom. Major offenders are the politicians who take advantage of the “Top Heavy” government. I am all for free market economy and other reforms. I wish him all the luck. Let’s pray for peace during the transition. Thanks for the post Eddie.


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