3 thoughts on “Friends in Harmony”

  1. Thank you Narme and Sam for the Post —
    This song , makes more sense now, more than ever ..

    United We Stand and Divided We Fall …
    There IS, and Will Be , Light at The End of The Tunnel…


  2. What a beautiful rendering of the song with a timely reminder of the importance of unity ! Thanks Narme for sharing.
    Best wishes


  3. Dear Sam abs Narme
    Thank you for this beautiful song a lovely rendition of “ Danno Budunge” … it brought tears 😭 to my eyes to think of the state of this beautiful country we left behind. But the country is never forgotten and the remarkable unity of the people of Sri Lanka is to be highly commended. Irrespective of caste creed religion etc they are united to fight for a common cause. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them who gather round the country to protest at the hardships they endure . I am sure success will come to them and their hard work will be rewarded. May God bless them and may their tenacity and unity grow from strength to strength.
    Praxy and Ranjit


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