New Year greetings and a cry for help.


Health Crisis in SriLanka

Hi Friends,

As you know SriLanka is going through a grave economic crisis that has impacted the health sector in the form of serious lack of essential medical supplies. Doctors are calling for supplies such as Neonatal endo tracheal tubes naso-gastric tubes, urinary and thoracic catheters and even glucose strips to fill this dire need. Please listen to this voice message I received from Dr Saman Kumara, Consultant Neonatologist at Castle Street. His contact # 071 8564110.

I also thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe set up by the SriLanka Medical Association of North America to address this urgent situation.



Many thanks to Wije Kottahachchi for his help.

One thought on “New Year greetings and a cry for help.”

  1. Thanks Sam and Kotta. This message has been seen globally and as far as I know people have responded very quickly to the point that this same doctor has sent another message that they have now got sufficient ET tubes. Of course shortages of other drugs and equipment remain.
    The rest of the problems in the country remain and we can only hope that we will emerge from this crisis united as Sri Lankans without the petty divisions that have so far been a feature of our society.
    The Batch of 64 is the best example I can think of how we should be.
    A very Happy New Year to all.


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