7 thoughts on “Tourist Plea”

  1. HI my dear Narme and others .
    Thinking of all of you, and praying for Better Days to Come , and They Will .
    “The Pearl of The Indian Ocean ” — call it what you may , I will be there come Sept- Oct , for an extended stay .
    I was there the year of the Easter Sunday bombing ( 2019 ) – -when so many cancelled their visits .
    I was there many times during the 70’s – >- 90’s – > 2000’s . ie almost 50 yrs .
    Never ‘gave up ‘ , and Never Will .
    Blessings to ALL .


  2. Thnak you very much Narme for this video. Aa advertisement for tourism posted by a tourist rather than the tourist board. Very appropriate for the times when we need foreign exchange more than ever before.

    I feel sad and depressed every time I read the Sri Lankan news papers listen to the news and viewing some of the videos of demonstrations throughout out the country.

    The only way I get some satisfaction is sending money to some people in need. As the gentleman said every dollar , pound and Euro goes a long way now.

    The Rajapaksas along with the other crooks in Parliament should have been thrown out long time ago. I do not understand why in the world anyone would bring them to power over and over again.

    Sri Lanka has hit rock bottom. Here’s hoping for better, prosperous times in the months and years to come.



    1. I agree totally Nishantha these crooks in parliament should have been sent home long time ago . “ Gota go home “is still appropriate though.


  3. Well said Deepthie . After all SL is the country that gave us our free education and we are what we are today because of that . Unfortunately the country is in a bad way now but I am sure if and when the peoples voices are heard and a new government is formed the country will be better .
    Yes definitely we will meet up in SL in October “ come what may”


  4. Thanks Narme.
    I am sure we all do our bit in our own way.
    This video clip certainly hits the heart coming as it does from a foreigner.
    Thanks again and best wishes to our Country,


  5. the problems in SL are due to the pandemic.
    they are in the news only because the need for control by america and india.
    there many places lebanon ,madagaskar tonga and many more whom are worse off but not in the news.
    GOTA is americas boy now.china will be marginalized.
    as soon as he signs papers OIL will flow in.
    SL governments have been the same for 75 yrs but not one crook has been caught?
    there is no starvation and lack of food.
    thats my conspiratorial view of the current non problem


  6. Looks like he is in Passekudah.!! Yes, the going will get tougher before it gets better.There is very little that can be done interim to resolve the FOREX issues.More tourists ? requires fuel and electricity to drive it.More dollars from house maids ? Yes, it will get better as the dollar conversion looks better.More exports.? I think tea production has not picked up with the restriction on import of weedicides and fertiliser.We now have a new central bank governor and he looks tidy in glasses and a moustache.! Perhaps he knows how to steady the ship as he was for many years beavering away in the background in the central bank.We want Sri Lanka to be a better place for all and I see some signs of it in the multitudes on display.Perhaps, enlightenment at last.God bless Sri Lanka. Eddie.


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