Old Photos

Dear Sam
After reading CJ’s memories of Nihal, I unearthed some photos taken at the LRH in 1970 during our internship. They are not very good (some spotting or speckling) but at least the people are recognizable to a certain extent. If you think they are suitable you can share them on the blog.
Nihal is on the extreme right in both photos.

4 thoughts on “Old Photos”

  1. Thanks Anoja for those photos. The older they are the more beautiful the memories. In addition to Nihal I can recognise Sathiyanayagam. I can recognise several of the others but can’t recall the names. How and where were these taken? Can’t recognise the background.
    Thanks again,


  2. HI Anoja , and Sam ,
    Thanks for the photos – Nihal is quite recognizable .
    Sam, just now, I sent you two photos taken at the 1989 RU in UK – -that I was able to find in the CD that Selva had . Cant really recall , how I ended up with the ‘ Previous RU Photos CD ” . Perhaps Mahesan gave them to me .
    Anyway – -I sent the two pics for the web post .

    I looked over all the other RU-‘ 94 in at Bentota- – I did not find any of Nihal .
    Very sad … to think that he left us sooo early in life ..
    I do recall very well, how much fun we all at the Block Students Staff Cricket Match — when Nihal was really having a good time !
    I dont see Nihal’s pic in the few that I have of that event .
    Thanks again – Anoja and Sam .
    Deepthie .


  3. Hi CJ
    Yes that’s Sathianayagam. I think he and Nihal shared a room at the LRH. The 3 ladies are our immediate seniors – Shiro Anthony is next to Nihal and Maithri Rajapakse (our parallel batch Peradeniya) is next to Shiro. One of the other girls was called Kanthi. I took the photos in the courtyard/entrance to the HO’s quarters at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital during our 2nd period of internship (March – Aug 1970). Other batch-mates doing internship at the LRH with us included Indira, Naomi, Damayanthi, Rani Gunawardene (my co-HO), and Mahendra Menon. Naomi and I shared the large, airy corner room upstairs, the one occupied by Dharma in the 1st 6 months.
    A sweet little baby (Priyantha) was abandoned in one of the wards and we used to bring him to the quarters and play with him in the evenings. He was later adopted by a nurse. I was taking photos of the baby – that’s when these other photos were also taken.


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