6 thoughts on “Highest paid Australian CEO”

  1. Well done!
    Her father Dr P R Wikramanayake was RP at the Colombo General Hospital when we were final year students. He sometimes acted for Dr George Ratnavale, too. Her mother Amara Weerasooria was a talented all-round student during her school days at Visakha Vidyalaya.


  2. well done and certainly outstanding makes one proud.
    good inherited genes from both parents i guess.
    there are many lankans of distinction working abroad,probably more so than back home in lanka.
    but this lady stands out.


  3. This is wonderful. I read about Shemara prior to the information that appeared on our web page. I was quite impressed by her achievements.

    Thanks Anoja for the update about her background. I did not know that Shemara was the daughter of Dr P R Wickramanayake. He was a very good physician , and an excellent clinician. I do remember him quite well.

    Thanks Sam for the post.



  4. I do recall Dr Wickramanayake so very very well , as the BEST VP at Colombo General and his Ward Classes were always packed – the Best Clinician , if I ever knew one- then and now .
    I can almost ‘ see him ‘ now, even as I am writing this response, half a world away, half a century later …
    I am not surprised that his daughter has reached such great heights .
    Very proud of her achievements in Australia-
    Thanks for the post .


  5. Yes, you’re quite right Deepthi, Dr PR Wikramanayake was VP, ?OPD. I think he did not have a ward. (I made a mistake in saying he was RP). He was an excellent clinician and teacher. I communicated with him by email a few years ago to obtain a photo of Amara (his wife) for our school’s centenary publication. He responded at once. He is in close touch with our Siri K.


  6. I too remember PR Wickramanayake as Physician OPD. I used to be a regular visitor to the OPD for follow up of my forearm injury (not by PR but by Dr Rasanayagam.)
    Almost all SriLankans in Sydney know about Shemara. Macquarie Bank Share price is the highest among the banks in Australia !


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