Lata Mangeshkar

Shared by CJ

Lata Mangeshkar who passed away last week.

This song from the film  Madhumathi was a great hit when those in our batch were at the height of our romantic lives.
I think fellow Hindi fans will enjoy the song with the subtitles.

2 thoughts on “Lata Mangeshkar”

  1. Lata Mangeskar – The Song Bird of India .
    Thank you CJ and Sam for this most loveliest of all songs that this great Indian Songbird sang for all of us, in her most hauntingly lovely voice , as we were growing up , during ‘the height of our romantic lives’ as you say !!

    No- I did not have an ‘ Paradesi Romance ‘ back then, or now !!!

    Ajarey ….. Paradesi — My love in a foreign land — I believe is the meaning of the first line of the song .

    Lata Mangeskar, Rukmani Devi , Lata Walpola — they were my Role Models ,. The Voice of My Youth .
    ” Soul Food ” now, more than half a century later, half a world away, in the dead of winter on a sunny cold day at minus 15 deg C, looking out into the white frozen Lake Huron !

    I was NEVER allowed to see any Sinhala- Tamil- Hindi movie by my parents – -thats the way it was back then — a totally culturally deprived environment – but, the rebel that I was , I still managed to learn the songs and sing them , and go to the movies when I would spend school holidays with my grandmother in Matara at the S. K Cinema Hall , that Sam may recall !
    Me and my grandmother, we would go to the movies in the Bakki Karattya with shiny leather covered seats , chugging along Elliot Road , Matara, that pot holed road and Wow– what a memory … !

    Later in Canada, I was able to see most of these Hindi Movies at various Hindi Movie Festivals, and saw “Madumati , ” three times, when the ‘festival came to the locality that I lived back in the later 70’s
    Strangely enough, when I heard about the passing of Lata Mangeskar, this was the first song that came to my mind — …. ” Ajarey …. Paradesi ”
    I had the good fortune to see her perform in Montreal ( Quebec- Canada ) back in the late 70s I believe it was .
    What a performance it was- a performance that I will never forget ..
    — Pity that I did not even own a camera back then .
    But, the memory of that concert – is still in my memory neuronal chips !.

    Thank you again CJ and Sam .


  2. What a singer – will be sadly missed by all her fans. I still have few records.
    This song used to be sung well by CJ & Nagawatte in Bloemfontein Bath room/ shower !!! & also after few spiritual sessons !!
    Still echoing in my ears.


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